I guess the further i go into my stretch the less care i show my hair…or am just plain lazy. Either way, my hair is really fragile at this point and i can’t afford to be negligent, so, its official: am getting a relaxer next month. For me, its easier to maintain straight hair. I cannot flat iron again for at least another 4 weeks yet i need to wash it every week…point is, i need a relaxer and am getting it at 5 months post.

I have to say i’ve done relatively well during this stretch. My hair isn’t so bad…its just gotten a little dry but i correct that in good time so no breakage. I however don’t think i will be stretching this long in the future…or maybe i will…i don’t know.

When i get my relaxer, i will try and go back to my first hair regimen (yea, when i was natural). My current one is okay but because my hair has been getting a little dry, i always want to cowash mid week but with the amount of new growth i have, i choose not to…too much manipulation. I liked my old regimen and i got to prepoo and deep condition weekly. I would like to be able to do that again…my hair will really benefit from it. Basically, this was all there was to it:

deep condition overnight
cowash in the morning

prepoo overnight
shampoo wash (sulfate-free)

Because i normally leave the house in the afternoon, i guess this will work for me.

I will also give ‘air drying’ another shot…for the first 6 weeks maybe, I won’t have crazy new growth to deal with so i hope that goes well. But how do i air dry? hmmmm…



  1. Hi, Joyce! What’s the difference between your deep conditioner and your prepoo? Do they both moisturize your hair, or is there another purpose for the prepoo?

    It’s pretty easy for me to air dry now that I get relaxers regularly, but here’s how I air dried when I waited 3 – 4 months between touch-ups:

    I put my hair into a half up/half down style, but instead of leaving the bottom half down, I put it into a ponytail (as my hair grew and thickened, I had to start doing three ponytails instead of two). Putting my hair in ponytails helped keep the new growth from getting so puffy. When the middle/ends of my hair were dry, I’d gently take out the elastic and put it back in about an inch lower so the part that was bunched up beneath it could dry. For me, it worked best to slick back my hair by putting a little oil around the edges.

    Also – I’d sometimes end up with a crease from the elastics, but if I planned on wearing my hair up for the week, I could just brush my hair as usual and the crease on the uppermost ponytail wasn’t visible.

    • hi, my deep conditioner is basically the store bought product. I just mix some oils and honey into it…moisturizing deep conditioner. For my prepoo however, i use only oils…this makes my hair really soft. I think oils make my new growth a lot more manageable. When i first started to prepoo, i did it right before shampooing because the shampoo i had contained sulfates, so i prepoo’d to avoid stripping my hair too much. I now only use that shampoo to clarify. Sometimes i go for weeks without doing a prepoo but i try to deep condition weekly.

      I once airdried with my hair down and my new growth reverted so much…i don’t know what i was thinking. I have airdried in a ponytail before so i might try that again only this time i will do it your way with more than one ponytail hopefully that will stretch out my new growth better.

      As for slicking down my hair i will also try your way. I love how well the eco styler gel works but i don’t think using it daily is wise. Thanks for the tips!

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