Last Saturday i clarified my hair like i said i would. I use a sulfate shampoo to clarify because thats what i have and it works fine…strips my hair leaving it squeaky clean. I used ‘Dove ‘ along with my ‘Enliven shampoo – kiwi and fig. The ‘Dove’ shampoo has been in the bathroom for a while (its not mine) and i decided to try it. It was really nice. I liked it. I let my hair air dry for the rest of that day…it was a hot mess because i only detangled before washing.

On Sunday, at around noon, i put 2 eggs in my hair and left them in for about 30 minutes. I rinsed that out with COLD water then proceeded to deep condition without heat for the next 10 hours or so. I have heard some people say that longer doesn’t mean better but i beg to differ. I have deep conditioned without heat for 30 or so minutes and that didn’t really benefit my hair. However with yestereday’s deep conditioning treatment, my hair felt well conditioned and really good. PS: the reason why i don’t use heat is because i don’t have a hooded dryer which i plan to buy some time next year God willing. Thats KSH.10,500 or thereabouts. I could do the damp towel method but i don’t like it! Besides, once i put the deep conditioner in my hair i can still go about my business.

After deep conditioning, i cowashed my hair, applied my leave-in, forgot about sealing (smh), held it in a ponytail, tied that down with a head scarf and went to bed. I took down the scarf when i woke up this morning but 12 hours later my hair was still damp.

I took down the ponytail and my hair dried completely within 2 hours or so. I wasn’t worried about my hair getting puffy because the henna gloss treatment i did some weeks back stretched out my new growth which doesn’t seem to be reverting like it used to plus i wanted big hair lol! I’ve been holding my hair in a bun/ponytail such that i looked as if i had very little hair on my head….soooo…i decided to unleash the beast 😀

don’t know why its yellow lol! air dried hair

side angle of my air dried hair

hair still got lots of shine. Air dried with only leave-in conditioner…no oil

my new growth around the hairline at 23 weeks post relaxer



Am actually going to get bangs in November on my relaxer day. This time i’ll go for it. I need a new look. I will be chopping off 4-5 inches of hair for my bangs and am ok with that. Like i said, i need a new look and its hair…it will grow back. The reason why am not doing it now is because i want my hair to get to full shoulder length. If i will not satisfied with where it will be by then, i’ll still get bangs.

I mentioned wanting bangs here, here, here and am sure somewhere else lol! Better get it over and done with then i won’t have to wonder what it would have been like.

I know a side swept look will be better for me but am sure i can still rock brow skimming bangs…kinda right above my eyes so i’ll go with that first. Something to look forward to in November!


I am soooo glad this stretch is finally coming to an end. Am literally counting down the days to my relaxer day. 7 more days to go.

I will clarify my hair tomorrow then let it air dry since am going to use an egg for a protein treatment later. I haven’t used shampoo in a while so i want to make sure i get rid of all the build up before doing anything to my hair. I am really looking forward to doing my hair tomorrow 🙂 I will follow some of the tips from this post.

Its been about 3 days since i deep conditioned and cowashed my hair. I have been moisturizing and sealing my hairline and ends but not well enough. I am so bored of my hair right now. Its not fun at all! I have a good head of hair and i should be able to do stuff with it and generally have fun with it but NOOOOOOO….all i do is hold it back in a ponytail or a not so cute bun. I want to wear my hair down:/

I don’t think i will ever stretch my relaxer for this long again. To be honest, i think its unnecessary…for me at least. I probably did it because i could handle my new growth and didn’t feel the need to look cute and all done up all the time but now, i want to look a certain way with my hair straight all the time. I really love straight hair even though at times i get tired of it.

I have decided to be getting a relaxer touch up at 8-10 weeks post. I know that i keep saying that that is spending too much money but honestly, i have the money to do my hair, i just don’t want to spend it that way. That kinda makes me sound like a miser but oh well. Besides i miss having blunt ends…when i get a relaxer every 8 weeks, i will be able to have those healthy ends all the time. Its been almost 6 months since i got a trim…am pretty sure thats not ok. And my ends look really bad…they gotta go!

I have read on the benefits of stretching a relaxer but i know some people relax at 8 weeks post and still have beautiful healthy hair. I know its easy for me to care for straight hair before the new growth really comes in so yea, i’ve made up my mind. Am glad though i stretched for this long…quite an experience it was. Now i won’t have to wonder if i can do it 🙂

If things go as planned, i will have my next relaxer on 1st October at 8 weeks post. Then 26th November. 3 more relaxers before the year ends.


I absolutely love this product. I got a new jar a few weeks ago but only used it for the first time last night.

mixed fruit extracts

I love love love how this one smells. Its a mixed fruit extracts one so it smells nice and fruity. I did not rinse it out immediately after waking up so i could still smell it every now and then (even though i had a plastic bag and scarf on) and it smelled lovely.

The last one i had,

garlic extracts

also from ‘Perfect cosmetics’ had garlic extracts, so that didn’t smell good…i tolerated the smell but after trying this new one out last night, am thinking of making it my staple.


Seriously. I have seen some improvement in the state of my hair yes but sometimes i feel like am doing too much.

I spent the weekend with some of my friends and Es, one of my best friends was there. She got her first relaxer sometime late last year. She’s my hair advisor so to speak. Her hair is currently at APL. Back in Uni, we both had natural hair that was just about the same length but i damaged mine.

Es is a few weeks post now and her hair always looks so damn good! I thought she relaxes often but she said that she does 6 month stretches and braids once the new growth starts getting out of hand. I told her how i wished i could get my hair braided but am so scared of having my hair yanked out in the process. I don’t like any hairstyle that pulls at my scalp period. She also uses a light hair grease and has no problem with it. She is not on a hair journey just so you know.

Her hair is so light, long and healthy and she doesn’t do much to it. Mine looks horrible at the moment and yet i do more than she does. I honestly want it to look like her’s! which is one of the reasons am happy this stretch is coming to an end.

Es is now one of my hair inspirations. I should put up a pic of her hair.

I can’t wait for my post-relaxer results!

long weekend hair

I usually prepoo then cowash my hair on Fridays but last week i decided not to do this because i was going away for the weekend. I planned on doing it after i got back. However, after considering what my hair was going to be like during my trip away (with me partying all weekend, i was definitely going to neglect my hair), i decided at the last minute to cowash on Thursday. My hair was now well moisturized and ready for the weekend.

I did not take good care of my hair though i damp bunned on Saturday. I had also carried some ‘extra virgin olive oil’ to use in case i needed to. My hair is really dried out right now because i did not have a silk scarf or pillowcase with me.

I bought some eggs last night on my way back home so that could do a protein treatment once i got home. Because i was so tired, i fell asleep soon after i hit my pillow (with no scarf).

Right now my hair is a huge mess. I will just damp bun it after i shower. I will do an overnight deep conditioning treatment later then cowash tomorrow morning.

I will keep the eggs and use them next weekend so that i can relax my hair the week after at 24 weeks post relaxer.

Am so tired of stretching 😦


I did my last henna gloss treatment 3 weeks ago. I no longer notice the reddish undertone in my hair colour but thats probably because am always indoors and Nairobi has been rather grey and gloomy for the past couple of days.

What i have noticed though, is that my new growth seems to have loosened up…seems straighter. I had read of this happening after a henna treatment but this is not the result i got when i henna’d back in January when i was Natural headed. I absolutely see no need to use my blow dryer now on my wash days to stretch my roots. Air drying is working for me at the moment and my hair is not as puffy as it used to be. Because my new growth is all stretched out, i have no problem whatsoever passing a comb through it. Looks like i’ll be doing henna treatments more often.

I am 22 weeks post relaxer today and i have to say that it feels like am 8 weeks post or something. I would love to stretch beyond the 24 weeks i had planned on but am getting tired of this look and need a new hairstyle. I have a feeling that i will be relaxing my hair very soon.