Last Thursday, i did an overnight prepoo with coconut oil. The reason i did this was to basically condition my hair. I have also realized that in the mornings (after an oil prepoo) i have zero tangles. Also, i read somewhere that doing an oil prepoo minimizes dye uptake (from henna), i prefer having dark (read black) hair but the henna gives it a slight tint so i try to minimize that.

Come Friday, i applied the henna gloss (henna, coconut oil and moisturizing conditioner) to my hair. I have to admit that the gloss was a little lumpy because i did not use enough water and also did not mix it well. I was running out of conditioner and so i used very little of that as well so that i could have some left over for later. I used 100g of the henna.

After 3 hours, i rinsed it out. For some reason, this took what seemed like forever! My hair hair felt rough, which i expected. I then did a cowash and let me just say my hair felt nothing like it did when i did my first henna gloss. It wasn’t cotton soft as i had hoped it would be. If anything, it felt a little dry, as if i had some dried up gel especially all around hairline. I lost the same amount of hair i lose whenever i shampoo.

I hadn’t planned on deep conditioning so all i did was damp bun afterwards (of course after applying my leave-in conditioner and a little oil). For the next 4 days, i only finger combed my hair, smoothed down my hair with wet hands, did the same for my ends, sealed with ‘Extra virgin olive oil’ then bunned. My hair stayed neat and the dry feeling it had kinda went away, maybe due to keeping my hair moist.

At some point, i looked at my hair under some light and was shocked by the colour. Its got some reddish undertone. It seemed too visible for my liking that i even contemplated never doing another henna treatment but…i’ll keep doing it. My skin complexion is dark so i prefer black hair colour. My hair generally looks black though someone told me that its colour is no.2

ANYWAY…yesterday, i deep conditioned on dry hair (found that i used more product on dry hair), then cowashed and finally damp bunned. I hope to keep my hair like this (damp bunning daily) till Friday when i will prepoo with coconut oil then cowash afterwards.


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