I said that i would do my next length check in late August and now i feel that its creeping up on me and am scared! Am so not looking forward to doing it because i have been using direct heat at least once a month…which is not so bad BUT ITS STILL HEAT! Plus i haven’t had a trim in about 5 months!

My last length check was in April so by the time i do my next one, 4 months will have gone by. I am not confident about my progress. I know that my hair is not breaking off and stuff but that doesn’t make me feel any better. I don’t pay that much attention to my hair nowadays…don’t even moisturize and seal daily…out of sheer laziness, but because i prepoo every week, deep condition every week and cowash 2x a week, my hair seems to be retaining moisture pretty good.

About the trim, i won’t go this long again without one. I’ll try and see if i can do 8-10 weeks max. I really hate how my ends look. As for the relaxer, i want to get one soon! Not because my new growth is giving me trouble, but because i feel a little drab and need to get a new look. I actually wanted to get it done this week but i haven’t done a protein treatment yet…its been over a month since my last one and even though i did a henna gloss a couple of weeks ago, i need my protein first!



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