I am soooo glad this stretch is finally coming to an end. Am literally counting down the days to my relaxer day. 7 more days to go.

I will clarify my hair tomorrow then let it air dry since am going to use an egg for a protein treatment later. I haven’t used shampoo in a while so i want to make sure i get rid of all the build up before doing anything to my hair. I am really looking forward to doing my hair tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ I will follow some of the tips from this post.

Its been about 3 days since i deep conditioned and cowashed my hair. I have been moisturizing and sealing my hairline and ends but not well enough. I am so bored of my hair right now. Its not fun at all! I have a good head of hair and i should be able to do stuff with it and generally have fun with it but NOOOOOOO….all i do is hold it back in a ponytail or a not so cute bun. I want to wear my hair down:/

I don’t think i will ever stretch my relaxer for this long again. To be honest, i think its unnecessary…for me at least. I probably did it because i could handle my new growth and didn’t feel the need to look cute and all done up all the time but now, i want to look a certain way with my hair straight all the time. I really love straight hair even though at times i get tired of it.

I have decided to be getting a relaxer touch up at 8-10 weeks post. I know that i keep saying that that is spending too much money but honestly, i have the money to do my hair, i just don’t want to spend it that way. That kinda makes me sound like a miser but oh well. Besides i miss having blunt ends…when i get a relaxer every 8 weeks, i will be able to have those healthy ends all the time. Its been almost 6 months since i got a trim…am pretty sure thats not ok. And my ends look really bad…they gotta go!

I have read on the benefits of stretching a relaxer but i know some people relax at 8 weeks post and still have beautiful healthy hair. I know its easy for me to care for straight hair before the new growth really comes in so yea, i’ve made up my mind. Am glad though i stretched for this long…quite an experience it was. Now i won’t have to wonder if i can do it ๐Ÿ™‚

If things go as planned, i will have my next relaxer on 1st October at 8 weeks post. Then 26th November. 3 more relaxers before the year ends.


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