Today’s high bun


I don’t really like bunning but for some reason i really like this bun. I think i’ll bun my hair the whole of next week! Ofcourse i’ll move the bun around. Its not tight! just perfect 😀


12 days post

I haven’t washed my hair since i got my relaxer 12 days ago. I really love the way it feels to the touch and i don’t want to ruin it. I wish i could keep it like this for longer but i will be doing my wash in 3 days or so…over the weekend.

My scalp is tender/sore, itchy and i have dandruff too. Thank God its not showing and i am able to resist the urge to scratch! My hair on the other hand isn’t dry because even though i don’t moisturize and seal it daily…i tend to use a lot of product when i do, so it keeps it nice for a few days.

Since i got my relaxer, i have worn my hair wavy (day after my relaxer for a wedding), in a ponytail, i wore it down at some point, did a bantu knot out for an interview last week…i needed the waves, wore it down again and yesterday i did a high bun. I will do another bun today then set it in rollers for the night after moisturizing and sealing because i’ll be going for phase two of last week’s interview tomorrow. I pray i get the job. After that, i’ll just wash my hair…i don’t think i can wait for the weekend :/

How i stretched for 26 weeks

After getting my hair relaxed last week and seeing the progress I’ve made, i keep being asked how i did it. Honestly, before i knew about healthy hair care, i did not think it was possible to stretch for so long and still retain length and have healthy hair. But now i know its possible and am glad i can share what worked for me.

1) Keeping my hair moisturized.
I did this by washing the hair at least once a week, cowashing mid week (optional), deep conditioning weekly and moisturizing & sealing daily or every other day.

2) Strengthening my hair
I used both protein and henna for this. For my protein, i used 2 eggs monthly. For the henna treatment, i did a henna gloss when i felt like. Henna also stretched out my new growth making it easy to manage.

3) No poo regimen
I got to a point in my stretch where i found that shampoo tangled my new growth so much so i stopped using it weekly. I only cowashed and used shampoo once a month to clarify my hair.

4) Oil prepoo
The deeper i got into my stretch, the drier my hair got, so i decided to do oil prepoos whenever my hair felt dry. This helps hair retain more moisture. It also conditions the new growth making it soft and easy to manage. It also gives hair great slip so detangling becomes easy to do.

5) Detangling hair
Some people wash their hair in the sink. I prefer doing it in the shower, that way my hair is going in one direction (downward) so i don’t get tangles. I also drench my hair with thick conditioner to give it slip. I only use a wide tooth comb and try to detangle gently in small sections.

6) Low manipulation
After i got some good amount of new growth, combing my hair was no fun at all. I decided to only comb it whenever it started to look drab. I wore buns and ponytails which i would tidy up before going out.

7) Air drying
I used to blow dry my hair on cool to stretch out my roots. I decided to stop doing that and i would then just hold my hair in a bun or ponytail and have it dry like that. That and using henna stretched out my roots enough.

8) Using heat
After i got to 8 weeks post, i started to flat iron my hair. I did it monthly but there were times when did it more than i should have 😦 Anyway doing it once a month isn’t bad.


1) Use a sulfate-free shampoo weekly till its time to give it up. I used to use a sulfate shampoo for the most part
2) cowash once a week. I need to have my hair looking ‘juicy’ at all times 🙂
3) start using amla, olive and eucalyptus oils again in my deep conditioner…I’ve only been using coconut oil
4) Use no heat at all. No more monthly heat pass. I’ll have to get creative for days i need to go somewhere looking extra good 😀
5) Use henna more often. Biweekly or monthly, whichever i find convenient. I have seen the wonders of henna and i plan to use it in place protein.
6) Wear curly styles. Like i said, no more heat. I’m hoping to get magnetic rollers in the next week and flexi rods in about 2 weeks. Plus i love bantu knot outs, they come out better than braid outs on me. In fact am rocking a bantu knot out right now (day 3…haven’t combed my hair in that long)
7) Moisturize and seal nightly. I really need to syke myself up for this one. I haven’t M&S in 3 days 😦 out of sheer laziness. Am also running out of moisturizer (will repurchase that tomorrow). My hair is feeling a little dry and i just want to wash it.
8) Am also going to buy some cayenne pepper tomorrow. Eucalyptus oil never worked for me and neither did Tony Airo’s ‘siri’ roots stimulating oil. I hoped these would give my scalp a tingly feeling but they didn’t Cayenne pepper promises to do that so i’ll give it a try. I can’t afford to buy peppermint oil right now, but i will one day.
9) I might start taking a multi vitamin. MIGHT
10) Drink more water. I need to do that
11) Be more active. Truth be told. I don’t like exercising….too lazy

Thats it!!!

If my stretch gets challenging, i’ll come back to this post and see what i need to do to ease thing up. Hope this helps someone out there. Happy hair growing 😮

my 6.5 months stretch results


I was a few weeks post in the first pic. Thats how my hair looked after i combed out the rollerset (below).

Second pic is from yesterday.

FEB 2012 – AUG 2012. The arrows point to a mark on my back…my hair has gotten longer according to this

First pic : fresh relaxer last Feb
Second pic : fresh relaxer 5 days ago (Aug)

Another pic where my hair appears longer:

not very clear though


Yep. I finally did it. I took some not-so-good-quality pics using my phone while at the salon and i got the side eye from some of the ladies present 😀 anyway, here is how it went…

I called Jimmy, my hairdresser earlier today to make a 4 O’ clock appointment so at 4 i was there. The salon was quite busy but he started working on my hair right away since i had an appointment.

Here’s the relaxer i used.

He based my scalp with powder (some people use grease…both do the same thing). He then applied the relaxer to my roots first then smoothed it out. When he was done with that, he combed through my new growth with a rat tail comb then smoothed it some more. I know there are some people who don’t agree with the combing part, but i have no problem with it. He does it gently and it helps get my hair straight which is great because i don’t want texlaxed hair.

One thing that i was not happy with is how he sectioned my hair. He did two halves, one on each side of my head and when he was smoothing it, he kinda held my hair in two ponytails…he didn’t take the relaxer all the way to my ends but i could tell he went over some of my previously relaxed hair. Then he smoothed my hair for the last time into one ponytail (so the only part without relaxer was the ponytail)!!! Next time i’ll tell him to section my hair into 4 and not take the relaxer so far back.

I wasn’t seated in front of a mirror because the salon was really packed so he had me sit at a random place. I couldn’t see what he was doing but i knew something was amiss. I thought he would also seal my relaxed hair to prevent “overlapping” the relaxer or “chemical run” but he didn’t. Next time i will do it before going to the salon and i will use my castor oil because it is really thick (i stopped using on my scalp because it made me shed).

I think i experienced some burning. It wasn’t bad…it felt like a stinging pain just on my temples. However, when rinsing out the relaxer and neutralizing, i felt the same thing throughout my head. Now, the relaxer wasn’t left on for long, just 25 minutes, same as last time when i didn’t burn. I wasn’t in pain though, at least not like what i’ve heard other ladies describe.

The lady who washed my hair did it okay i guess. She wasn’t using the pads of her fingers though but she didn’t hurt me lol! She neutralized 4-5 times then deep conditioned. The shampoo and conditioner were both from “Black like me” and i especially loved the deep conditioner because it had mint in it which cooled my scalp and made it feel ‘oh so good’ seeing that i had experienced some kind of stingy feeling.

my edges were so slicked down after my wash

Sitting under the dryer was super awesome because today was a really chilly day. I was however seated near the door so my feet weren’t feeling the warmth 😦

so close to the door

Jimmy roller setting my hair & giving me a wierd look lol!

After my rollerset, Jimmy trimmed my hair. I was so happy to get rid of those ends. I did however tell him how much to trim and i was assertive. I told him i wanted to retain all the length i got from my new growth. He thought it was funny, me being so serious about the trim. He also said my hair had grown some since the last time he did it (4.5 months ago).

He did not do the saran wrap method this time round. He said he didn’t want it too straight and i was with him on that. I do not want flat-straight hair. In fact, i plan to pin curl it tonight instead of doing the traditional wrap which i would normally do.

all done. So much volume! & lady in the background giving me the look lol!

My hair has grown some and i don’t look as wierd as i did when i wore it wavy after getting it done. I will look for old pics to show what i mean and take new pics for today’s hair.

All in all, am happy with the results 🙂


Left to Right: shiny but dry hair, sectioned, egg in hair, after rinsing out egg, deep conditioning, hair lost during wash, after cowashing, air drying with just leave-in conditioner in my hair, hours later

Egg (protein) treatment
I had done a similar treatment last week using 2 eggs but decided to go ahead and do it again since i had used heat a couple of times since and wanted to strengthen my hair some more.

Shampoo wash
I used ‘timotei’ shampoo because i found it in the bathroom (not mine but i wanted to try it out and i loved it) then i followed up with my regular Enliven shampoo.

Deep conditioning
I had my conditioner mix ready so i applied it throughout my hair and left it on overnight and well into the next day (about 12 hours for no particular reason)

I like to follow up with a cowash because i prefer how my conditioner leaves my hair as opposed to the deep conditioner. I also detangled my hair at this point (when my hair was saturated with conditioner). I did my final rinse with cold water.

Leave-in conditioner
I applied this to towel dried hair (i just wrap a towel around my head for a few minutes) then detangled once more to straighten my hair a bit and have it flowy instead of having it clump together.

Air drying
I did this differently (with my hair down) and tied a scarf around my edges to keep them down (neat). I did not want my new growth to stretch out so that the line of demarcation can be clear on my relaxer day. Thing is, i don’t know how am going to style it tomorrow because my roots are so thick and the relaxed part is so bushy. Took about 5 hours to fully dry.

Am now going to moisturize and seal my hair and also massage my scalp with coconut oil and call it a night.