I’ll be traveling upcountry in a few hours and so i decided to straighten my hair for a neater look. I cowashed first. My last heat pass was 6 weeks ago.

I took some length check pics and am proud to report that i have retained some length since my last length check in late April. Its only been 3 months and am happy with my progress. I was really scared of checking my length because i thought i had somehow suffered a setback by stretching for this long (i’ll be 6 months post tomorrow), using heat almost once a month and not getting a trim in months.

I will post the latest pic soon. Another thing, looks like i will make APL by the end of the year! 🙂 Okay, grazing APL…its still APL right? I plan to get a trim 2 more times before the year ends so my hairdresser had better not get scissor happy!

Because i flat ironed my hair, i will stretch my relaxer for 2 more weeks…till 6.5 months post. I will keep it straight till some time next week then wash it and air dry. I want the demarcation line (where my new growth meets my relaxed hair) to be visible on my relaxer day, that way i can avoid overlapping the relaxer.


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