Left to Right: shiny but dry hair, sectioned, egg in hair, after rinsing out egg, deep conditioning, hair lost during wash, after cowashing, air drying with just leave-in conditioner in my hair, hours later

Egg (protein) treatment
I had done a similar treatment last week using 2 eggs but decided to go ahead and do it again since i had used heat a couple of times since and wanted to strengthen my hair some more.

Shampoo wash
I used ‘timotei’ shampoo because i found it in the bathroom (not mine but i wanted to try it out and i loved it) then i followed up with my regular Enliven shampoo.

Deep conditioning
I had my conditioner mix ready so i applied it throughout my hair and left it on overnight and well into the next day (about 12 hours for no particular reason)

I like to follow up with a cowash because i prefer how my conditioner leaves my hair as opposed to the deep conditioner. I also detangled my hair at this point (when my hair was saturated with conditioner). I did my final rinse with cold water.

Leave-in conditioner
I applied this to towel dried hair (i just wrap a towel around my head for a few minutes) then detangled once more to straighten my hair a bit and have it flowy instead of having it clump together.

Air drying
I did this differently (with my hair down) and tied a scarf around my edges to keep them down (neat). I did not want my new growth to stretch out so that the line of demarcation can be clear on my relaxer day. Thing is, i don’t know how am going to style it tomorrow because my roots are so thick and the relaxed part is so bushy. Took about 5 hours to fully dry.

Am now going to moisturize and seal my hair and also massage my scalp with coconut oil and call it a night.


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