Yep. I finally did it. I took some not-so-good-quality pics using my phone while at the salon and i got the side eye from some of the ladies present šŸ˜€ anyway, here is how it went…

I called Jimmy, my hairdresser earlier today to make a 4 O’ clock appointment so at 4 i was there. The salon was quite busy but he started working on my hair right away since i had an appointment.

Here’s the relaxer i used.

He based my scalp with powder (some people use grease…both do the same thing). He then applied the relaxer to my roots first then smoothed it out. When he was done with that, he combed through my new growth with a rat tail comb then smoothed it some more. I know there are some people who don’t agree with the combing part, but i have no problem with it. He does it gently and it helps get my hair straight which is great because i don’t want texlaxed hair.

One thing that i was not happy with is how he sectioned my hair. He did two halves, one on each side of my head and when he was smoothing it, he kinda held my hair in two ponytails…he didn’t take the relaxer all the way to my ends but i could tell he went over some of my previously relaxed hair. Then he smoothed my hair for the last time into one ponytail (so the only part without relaxer was the ponytail)!!! Next time i’ll tell him to section my hair into 4 and not take the relaxer so far back.

I wasn’t seated in front of a mirror because the salon was really packed so he had me sit at a random place. I couldn’t see what he was doing but i knew something was amiss. I thought he would also seal my relaxed hair to prevent “overlapping” the relaxer or “chemical run” but he didn’t. Next time i will do it before going to the salon and i will use my castor oil because it is really thick (i stopped using on my scalp because it made me shed).

I think i experienced some burning. It wasn’t bad…it felt like a stinging pain just on my temples. However, when rinsing out the relaxer and neutralizing, i felt the same thing throughout my head. Now, the relaxer wasn’t left on for long, just 25 minutes, same as last time when i didn’t burn. I wasn’t in pain though, at least not like what i’ve heard other ladies describe.

The lady who washed my hair did it okay i guess. She wasn’t using the pads of her fingers though but she didn’t hurt me lol! She neutralized 4-5 times then deep conditioned. The shampoo and conditioner were both from “Black like me” and i especially loved the deep conditioner because it had mint in it which cooled my scalp and made it feel ‘oh so good’ seeing that i had experienced some kind of stingy feeling.

my edges were so slicked down after my wash

Sitting under the dryer was super awesome because today was a really chilly day. I was however seated near the door so my feet weren’t feeling the warmth šŸ˜¦

so close to the door

Jimmy roller setting my hair & giving me a wierd look lol!

After my rollerset, Jimmy trimmed my hair. I was so happy to get rid of those ends. I did however tell him how much to trim and i was assertive. I told him i wanted to retain all the length i got from my new growth. He thought it was funny, me being so serious about the trim. He also said my hair had grown some since the last time he did it (4.5 months ago).

He did not do the saran wrap method this time round. He said he didn’t want it too straight and i was with him on that. I do not want flat-straight hair. In fact, i plan to pin curl it tonight instead of doing the traditional wrap which i would normally do.

all done. So much volume! & lady in the background giving me the look lol!

My hair has grown some and i don’t look as wierd as i did when i wore it wavy after getting it done. I will look for old pics to show what i mean and take new pics for today’s hair.

All in all, am happy with the results šŸ™‚



  1. Hi, Joyce šŸ™‚

    Your hair looks great! I’m glad you stood your ground and let Jimmy know not to trim too much! Were you able to do a length check, or are you going to wait until you wash your hair?

    Don’t you just love flat edges after a relaxer?

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ i watched him like a hawk while he did it & he did great. Am not scared of getting trims anymore! I will take some pics tomorrow but my hair still has so much body from the rollerset so i’ll probably do a proper length check on my next wash day. & yes, i absolutely love how my edges look right now

  2. Oh, I meant to ask you – have you ever heard of or tried a Bantu knot-out? I don’t usually wear my hair curly so I gave it a try, but I didn’t like the results at all! My hair is past my shoulders, but with all the curls, it was about level with my ear lobes. I left it in for a few days so the curls would fall, but I just ended up with a tangled mess! I’ve seen loads of people on youtube and blogs who ended up with beautiful curls, though, so I must have done something wrong.

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