So far, so good. The last time i was 6 weeks post, my hair wasn’t this easy to manage. I remember my new growth had already started showing and i looked a little drab. This time round i don’t have that much growth. Is my hair growing slowly now? I don’t know, but i’ve read that the growth rate varies from time to time. Then again my hair was drier back then because i used to get it done twice a month at the salon…not enough moisturizing for me. Anyway, am happy with it right now.

For the past few days i have been wearing my hair in a braid out. Am beginning to like this style better than a bantu-knot out style because its so easy to do and the result is more of a wavy style that hangs down as opposed to a curly style that is just up there.

I just moisturize and seal my hair every night, finger comb then proceed to do 2 french braids. Yes TWO FRENCH BRAIDS.

another try a braiding for a braid out style

I have been practicing and now i think i’ve got it. They are not really neat but when i take them down the next morning, they give me the desired result.

I want to get better at it so that i can be wearing my hair braided up on days i don’t plan to go anywhere.

I know that braid outs are not protective styles but i’m falling in love with them! They are low manipulative…i don’t need to use a comb all week!


Braid out – day 2

Last night i moisturized and sealed my hair after finger combing it in 3 sections. I then did 3 braids (2 on each side of my head and one in the back)

The curls were not as tight as yesterday’s but i still didn’t know what to do with my hair. I was going out and didn’t want to wear it down. Since i was running out of time i just gently finger combed the roots into a high curly ponytail (it was a really small ponytail by the way, more like a curly bunny tail) and that was how i chose to wear my hair today.

I used gel to slick down my entire hairline. I forgot to use any kind of moisturizer beforehand and so right now my hair is all crunchy. I can not go to bed like this and risk having breakage so i will be washing my hair in a few minutes.

Speaking of washing hair, while i was out today i looked for my staple shampoo and conditioner…I COULD NOT FIND THEM! This is the third week i’ve been searching for those two. Is the “Enliven” brand not sold anymore in Kenya??? I feel really bad about this. I will be going to town next week and i will look for them some more. If i don’t get them, i will buy something else :/ I did however buy a sulfate-free shampoo, well, its shampoo with conditioner and i will use it tonight.

Today’s braid out – day 1

I decided to go for a braid out look this weekend. I still don’t like braid outs on me but what the heck. After taking out and fluffing the 4 braids i had done, this was the result.

I usually do about 7 or so braids but i decided to do 4 this time round for a looser curl pattern…that didn’t happen. I think my curls are too tight. Next time i’ll do 3 but i have to learn how to cornrow so that i can do 2 french braids. I hope that will turn out better. I wish my hair would be at shoulder length and not that ear-neck length!

I don’t know what to do with this braid out right now so i’ll leave it as is for today. Tomorrow i’ll be attending the “Safari Sevens” I will have figured out what to do with it by then.

Have a great weekend friends 🙂


I’ll be 5 weeks post tomorrow. I haven’t been up to much really in terms of hair care. I prepoo, wash and deep condition my hair weekly. I moisturize and seal it when i feel like (been slacking off but my hair is doing ok)

My hair is always up in a bun. I don’t like wearing it down anymore. Sometimes i go for days without using a comb/brush. I just finger comb it into a bun, tidy it up and am good to go.

My new growth is coming in…i can tell by the texture of the hair on my hairline. Its not much but i can feel it.

new growth at 5 weeks post relaxer

Am getting super bored of wearing my hair straight. I want to try out a curly style over the weekend.

I have enough shampoo and conditioner to last me one wash each and i can no longer find that particular brand, “Enliven”, anywhere. Its almost as if its no longer sold here 😦 I have been looking for them for the past 2 weeks. I hope i find them next week otherwise i will have to switch to something else. The shampoo i don’t really mind changing but the conditioner, i love mine and its cheap…if i end up changing it, i will get “Herbal essences-halo hydration”. It costs more so i’ll only use it to cowash.

Thats all for my 5 weeks post hair & random mumblings 😀


Okay. Not quite. Thing is, after my second wash day this past weekend, once my hair was completely dry i could feel some texture at my roots both in the back and crown area. I know that is not new growth because am only 3 weeks and a few days post and the texlaxed hair is about 1″ long…my hair does not grow that fast. I wish it did, but it doesn’t. Also, the hair at the front of my head is textured…where my new growth was before the second relaxer.

The hair from my hairline right up to where my finger is has a wavy pattern...it was underprocessed

The hair from my hairline right up to where my finger is has a wavy pattern…it was underprocessed

I know that the texture of my natural hair at the back of my head is a lot more wavy than the rest of my hair. Anyway, the relaxer did not take well so my hair is a little under processed. Am not worried about it because i will get it fixed when i go for my next relaxer.

I had realized earlier though that this second relaxer was not like my first in that when i got my first in February, my hair was bone straight and really flat for the first 6-8 weeks…really limp. This time round however, my hair was not flat. It was straight but not bone straight and seemed thick in a way…alive. Which is good.

I want to keep relaxing my hair. Not texlaxing. I want the straight look and not the wavy look. I know that texlaxing is better for the health of your hair but so far my hair is doing well so i will keep relaxing it.

Random post

I just realized that i haven’t gone out to buy hair products in a very long time. Since June/July. Not because i had stocked up. No. I usually buy 1 bottle/jar of whatever product i use for my hair then repurchase once its over…after about 2 months. I have been using about half of what i used to use before.

For example, i was to repurchase my moisturizer in beginning of last month but i didn’t and i have enough to last me one more week or so. I’ve had my deep conditioner for 8 weeks now and i’ll still have some for the next 2-3 weeks. Normally i repurchase it after 5 weeks or so. I mentioned in this post 4 weeks ago that i needed more conditioner but guess what? I still have some left from that time! I will have to buy more after my next wash though.

Maybe am using less because my hair is straight/am freshly relaxed? Or maybe i just learnt to use less? Lets just say am happy to save some extra money 🙂

I’ll do a hair product haul sometime this week or next week and that will be the last time i will buy any hair related stuff this year. Next haul in January!!!


I think am going to be doing prepoos more often. I have done it before but yesterday’s wash was exceptional!

After doing my oil prepoo (for hours on end), i went ahead to shampoo my hair using my sulfate shampoo…i am yet to buy a sulfate-free one. I did 2 washes and on the third wash, my hair got all sudsy like i want it to.

My hair did not feel squeaky clean because of the oil. I could still feel some of it in my hair but it did not make my hair greasy. It was nice and soft. I never comb my hair right after shampooing but i did this time because i wanted to take some shower-hair pics. I had no problem whatsoever with tangles and my comb just slid through my hair.

I couldn’t decide which one to pick so i put them all there! I’ll definitely be APL by my next relaxer

EDITED TO ADD: See my (shower-hair) progress after 11 weeks here.

I know that since am a few weeks post i should have no problems on wash day with tangles but this wash was really great. It felt like i would not need to use a conditioner afterwards. My hair felt really soft and already moisturized! I would never skip the conditioning step though 😀

Am now tempted to not buy a sulfate-free shampoo. This worked so great i’d recommend it to everyone. I think i’ll be doing it weekly till i get to that point of my stretch where i just can’t use shampoo (i know its coming). Am aware of the amount of build up i will get so i’ll keep up with the monthly clarifying.

Random pic:

how i clip my hair up on wash day so i don’t get any bath soap on it…