Random post

I just realized that i haven’t gone out to buy hair products in a very long time. Since June/July. Not because i had stocked up. No. I usually buy 1 bottle/jar of whatever product i use for my hair then repurchase once its over…after about 2 months. I have been using about half of what i used to use before.

For example, i was to repurchase my moisturizer in beginning of last month but i didn’t and i have enough to last me one more week or so. I’ve had my deep conditioner for 8 weeks now and i’ll still have some for the next 2-3 weeks. Normally i repurchase it after 5 weeks or so. I mentioned in this post 4 weeks ago that i needed more conditioner but guess what? I still have some left from that time! I will have to buy more after my next wash though.

Maybe am using less because my hair is straight/am freshly relaxed? Or maybe i just learnt to use less? Lets just say am happy to save some extra money 🙂

I’ll do a hair product haul sometime this week or next week and that will be the last time i will buy any hair related stuff this year. Next haul in January!!!


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