Braid out – day 2

Last night i moisturized and sealed my hair after finger combing it in 3 sections. I then did 3 braids (2 on each side of my head and one in the back)

The curls were not as tight as yesterday’s but i still didn’t know what to do with my hair. I was going out and didn’t want to wear it down. Since i was running out of time i just gently finger combed the roots into a high curly ponytail (it was a really small ponytail by the way, more like a curly bunny tail) and that was how i chose to wear my hair today.

I used gel to slick down my entire hairline. I forgot to use any kind of moisturizer beforehand and so right now my hair is all crunchy. I can not go to bed like this and risk having breakage so i will be washing my hair in a few minutes.

Speaking of washing hair, while i was out today i looked for my staple shampoo and conditioner…I COULD NOT FIND THEM! This is the third week i’ve been searching for those two. Is the “Enliven” brand not sold anymore in Kenya??? I feel really bad about this. I will be going to town next week and i will look for them some more. If i don’t get them, i will buy something else :/ I did however buy a sulfate-free shampoo, well, its shampoo with conditioner and i will use it tonight.


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