Week 7 – 8

Last Saturday, day after my last post, i had a wedding to attend so the night before i combed out my braid out and moisturized & sealed my hair as usual then proceeded to do bantu-knots which i wore to the wedding. Am glad i did not have to flat iron my hair for that. My hair falls nicely so i don’t have to worry about it sticking up in all directions.

end of wedding day hair

Nowadays when i get home from some kind of all-day event, i normally just want to wash my hair because i’m usually all sweaty and dusty depending on where i’ve been. To top it off the weather in Nairobi, where i live, has been crazy hot. Am ready for a little rain though thats not what will happen. According to the Meteorological department, El Nino (wetter-than-normal conditions hence flooding in some parts of the country) is just around the corner. But i digress, am just glad i don’t flat iron my hair for these events. Besides, my hair has gotten considerably longer for me to wear curly styles confidently.

The following day, Sunday, i was planning to just wear my hair up in a curly/messy ponytail but then i decided in the last minute (that morning) to go hang out with some friends. My hair was a complete mess so i lightly moisturized & sealed it then did 2 french braids. I kept those in till later that afternoon when i took them out for a braid out look and went out. Lets just say it wasn’t my best braid out…but i got compliments šŸ™‚

On Monday i just brushed it up into a curly ponytail then pinned it into a bun. Later i used gel to slick it down for a neater look because i had to go out again. I was super tired that day and i felt as if my hair had a lot of build up, what with the sweat, dirt, dust, products…i used ‘Pantene Pro-v’ 2 in 1 shampoo to wash my hair that night. I was hoping it would really strip my hair of everything seeing that its a sulfate shampoo but it was more moisturizing instead. So am yet to properly clarify my hair. I did an overnight deep conditioning treatment because it was about time, plus my hair was really dry since i had been wearing it out a lot

this was after i washed my hair…air drying before deep conditioning

new growth…after shampoo wash

The following day, Tuesday, i rinsed out the deep conditioner and when my hair was slightly damp, i applied my leave-in and a little oil then did a top knot bun. I used gel to slick down my edges and nape since my new growth is really showing now. I did use braid spray first, so the gel did not harden my hair like last time.

my end of day knot bun…yea it fell. Hair was still damp though when i took it down

On Wednesday i just did a sock bun. It’s 20min to 2am so i will do another bun tomorrow and for the rest of the week as well. I decided to do this because my hair got really dry from doing braid outs last week. It’s well moisturized now and i just really want to bun…do something different this week.

This is a long post but that is my hair in its 7-8th week post relaxer state.


2 thoughts on “Week 7 – 8

  1. Wowwww, you didn’t flat iron your hair or anything before you did your sock bun?! It’s SOOO straight and shiny! Even when I used gel in my hair, I could never get it to lie flat like yours. I’m so jealous!

    • hi Mari, in that last pic i actually don’t have the sock bun thing in there. I just wrapped the ponytail around my finger and pinned it down, by the end of the day it had come apart.

      I haven’t used heat in about 2.5 months. I just held it up while it was still damp then about an hour later, i sprayed on some braid spray then a little gel, then tied it down for a few minutes with a scarf.

      Remember am still a few weeks post so i don’t have a lot of new growth which is why its straight.

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