I straightened my hair!

Last Sunday – Monday, i clarified, did my protein treatment, deep conditioned, blow dried and finally flat ironed my hair. My last protein treatment was on 27th October and the last time i flat ironed my hair was on 8th August. Its horrible though that the rainy season is here now. I just hope i don’t get caught in the rain like i always do.

before washing

For some reason i had to do up to 5 washes to get my shampoo to lather. I also lost more hair than i normally do during my wash. The two eggs i used seemed more than enough but that’s probably because i was systematic during the application process. I also used about half the amount of deep conditioner i normally use, that’s a good thing.

air drying after clarifying/wash

after washing & deep conditioning

14 weeks’ growth

I took longer blow drying my hair because my blow dryer’s comb attachment is spoilt (so i used my wide tooth comb instead). I also spent over an hour flat ironing my hair instead of the usual 45 minutes! I don’t know why this happened. I was focusing more on my new growth and doing only one pass through the length. I didn’t straighten my new growth properly so its still puffy but my hair looks better.That night i moisturized and sealed my hair before going to bed. I will not do a length check.

all done blow drying

all done flat ironing

Am so glad i don’t have to do this whole process every weekend. My ends are thick and that’s probably because i haven’t been using heat on them. So, no more flat ironing till…June 2013? I’ll try 🙂

It seems that i have some sort of breakage going on 😦 Breakage at the demarcation line? I hope not. I really don’t like those pieces of hair sticking out.


I also found this piece. it has gotten longer since August.

August 2012

Nov 2012

I don’t plan on washing my hair for 2 weeks. Right now am wearing it straight (its flat but that’s okay since i’m stuck in the house) then next week i will curl it. At the end of that week, i will prep it and get a relaxer before Christmas.


14 weeks post relaxer

3 and a half months in!

Am due for a protein treatment and feeling super lazy. I should do it soon though. I want to also clarify my hair. I will clarify first then let my hair air dry before applying the protein treatment to my hair. Well, i use 2 eggs for my protein treatment so i don’t want to apply that to wet hair. There is a new product though that am dying to try out for my protein treatments. More on that later. Anyway…

Just thinking of the steps i have to cover is really not motivating me to do this. I have to: clarify, air dry, do a protein treatment then do a deep conditioning treatment (moisturizing). This is an all day process! I really need a hooded dryer. Enough with the whining.

I wore my hair down yesterday. I haven’t straightened it yet, but i have been bunning a lot and that stretched out my new growth a little. My hair was really puffy and big. The style looked horrible to be honest but my hair looked really thick and healthy. I even got a compliment 🙂 I just didn’t know what to do with it and i didn’t want to bun. I had trouble combing through my roots at the end of the day and couldn’t get my comb all the way to my ends because my hair was all tangled up. I was not in the mood to deal with that mess so, yea…i just wrapped it up in a scarf.

I’ll be going upcountry next weekend to pay my Uncle a visit. I wanted to flat iron my hair this weekend so that i could wear it straight for a week and wash it when i get back (because i always want to wash my hair after long trips…i wonder if anyone else feels like that). Its been almost 4 months since i last used direct heat on my hair. Anyway, am still not sure if i’ll do that. If i don’t, i will probably either do a braid out or a bantu-knot out.

11 weeks Shower hair progress

I finally have a camera in my possession once again 🙂 i decided to cowash my hair today (did that yesterday too) so that i could take some shower-hair pics and see if my hair was really grazing APL like i had suspected in this post.

I think its safe to say that i have made my end-of-year hair goal which was to get to grazing APL. I know my dry hair isn’t grazing APL yet, but at least i have made some progress. Here are more shower-hair pics from last August.

After seeing this, i really want to prolong my relaxer stretch to February 2013 but am not willing to deal with all that new growth (especially since am not going to use henna during this stretch), so i’ll still get a relaxer right before Christmas.

I need a relaxer

Am 13 weeks and a few days post and i don’t think i’ll make it to 24 weeks like i had planned to. I will be relaxing my hair in about 5 weeks…before Christmas.

I have a lot of new growth and bunning is becoming very boring no matter how i do it. I want to wear my hair down so maybe i’ll flat iron it soon. I really can’t wait till February to get my hair done.

I stumbled upon a pic i took in March and that was when i was still freshly relaxed (around 6 weeks post) and my roller set hair looked so good. I want to wear my hair like that again. I think i used to wear my hair like that everyday like Jared Leto. Love him!

Look out for a comparison pic when i get my hair relaxed. Am sure the difference in length will be significant.

Edited to add: Check out my 1 year comparison/progress pic here

Am 13 weeks post relaxer today!

Nowadays i do an overnight oil prepoo on Tuesday nights and cowash on Wednesday mornings then do a deep conditioning treatment on Saturday night and rinse the deep conditioner out on Sunday morning. I have been air drying my hair in a bun. However, about 2 days ago, i decided to air dry my hair in 2 french braids so that i could rock a curly look for the rest of the week.

Lets just say that didn’t quite go as i had hoped. I wanted to try out a cute messy bun but i couldn’t create one. My hair was a huge mess and it felt really dry despite being shiny, so last night out of the blue i decided to do an overnight deep conditioning treatment.

This time round, i used very little deep conditioner mixed with my oils and honey. I applied it to my dry hair using an applicator brush because i plan to be self relaxing some time next year and i figured this was a good way to practice. I made sure each strand was coated though.

By the time i was done with the application process i realized that i had lost quite a lot of hair – shed hair, not breakage. I don’t know why this happened though i had manipulated my hair a lot during that time. Anyway, today i detangled my hair in the shower then cowashed afterwards. I later wrapped it in a towel, applied my leave in + oil and held it in a bun. I also lay down my edges using gel. My hair has been tied up in a scarf since and i don’t plan to take down the bun till maybe Monday (today is Friday).

I don’t think i will be doing anymore curly styles if i can help it. I don’t like how dry my hair ends up feeling plus i tend to manipulate my hair a lot. Yesterday i really hated the way my hair looked in a braid out and i was contemplating ending this relaxer stretch. Now that my hair is soft and moisturized once again, i know that am not about to end it.

I might start cowashing my hair every other day because i like how my hair feels when i do that. This should work fine because i think my hair starts to get kinda dry the deeper i get into my stretch plus i don’t manipulate my hair so much when i wash it nowadays.

Here is a post from my last stretch when i was 13 weeks post relaxer.

I know that i haven’t been posting any pictures and a fellow blogger – Ess suggested that i should. Sadly, i don’t have the camera i normally use here with me right now but once i get it, i will put up some pics.

Stay blessed!

3 months post relaxer!

3 more months to go!

What i’ve noticed so far:

Wash days are awesome. I had to use my sulfate shampoo last night but that didn’t give me any problems. I try not to manipulate my hair so much. I almost have zero tangles. My hair is thicker/fuller and stays moisturized for a longer period. It also appears longer 🙂 I think my shower-hair is grazing APL now.

Hot tools & Flexi rods

Beach waves. Last week i kept thinking about this style so much so, that i made a decision to buy a 1″ curling iron. Now, i know that am always raving about how long am going to go without using heat and how happy i am not to be using heat but for real, i really want to curl my hair.

Am yet to buy the curling iron. I’ll add it to my Christmas wish list. In the meantime, i will look around for places where i can get a good one at a good price. I was also thinking of getting a curling wand but i haven’t seen a store that sells them. Good thing i can use the curling iron to do its job.

Some time back i saw really good blow dryers going for less cash than what i paid for mine. I felt ripped off but oh well. There was a great variety too so as you can already guess, i’m going to buy a new one at some point. And not just that, i need to replace my flat iron!

Right now my obsession with hot tools has waned but now am thinking about getting flexi rods. I mentioned wanting to get them in this March post but i did not get them because i did not like how curly styles looked on me. I wanted to wait till i was APL to get them (i was at neck length to collar-bone length then). Am almost APL now.

In this July hair update post, i had gone to buy some flexi rods but found that they were too pricy. I wanted about 30 of them but now i think a pack of 6 will do since i don’t need them for my entire head. I want them for a loose wave kind of look.

In my 1 year hair journey anniversary post, i said i would get myself a hair accessory or two. I did not. In fact am not big on accessories. I should get some just to try out but errr…not now. Since i did not buy anything, i will buy a pack of flexi rods tomorrow. I don’t know what size to get them in though. I want big ones. Purple? Blue? Grey?