Now i can laugh about this…

Am currently 11 weeks 2 days post relaxer.

I was just going through some of my older posts and came across this one. I was 11 weeks 3 days post relaxer then and boy was i having trouble with my hair! Am not quite sure why my hair was being so problematic (over-manipulation?). I guess i still didn’t quite know how to take care of it (though i’m sure i thought i did 😀 ) I was really frustrated that day…but now i can laugh about it!

I also blogged here about my decision to be stretching for 12 weeks at a time. Ha! Lately i’ve been looking at my new growth and i don’t think its enough for me to relax. If i were to self-relax now (which i hope to in the next year) i fear i would overlap the relaxer.

At that point i had used heat on my hair quite a lot yet right now i don’t see the need to. This really is a journey. So much to learn and the best thing is that it gets easier!

Maybe its just me, but i find those two past posts to be very funny…well at least i can laugh at myself 🙂

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