Hot tools & Flexi rods

Beach waves. Last week i kept thinking about this style so much so, that i made a decision to buy a 1″ curling iron. Now, i know that am always raving about how long am going to go without using heat and how happy i am not to be using heat but for real, i really want to curl my hair.

Am yet to buy the curling iron. I’ll add it to my Christmas wish list. In the meantime, i will look around for places where i can get a good one at a good price. I was also thinking of getting a curling wand but i haven’t seen a store that sells them. Good thing i can use the curling iron to do its job.

Some time back i saw really good blow dryers going for less cash than what i paid for mine. I felt ripped off but oh well. There was a great variety too so as you can already guess, i’m going to buy a new one at some point. And not just that, i need to replace my flat iron!

Right now my obsession with hot tools has waned but now am thinking about getting flexi rods. I mentioned wanting to get them in this March post but i did not get them because i did not like how curly styles looked on me. I wanted to wait till i was APL to get them (i was at neck length to collar-bone length then). Am almost APL now.

In this July hair update post, i had gone to buy some flexi rods but found that they were too pricy. I wanted about 30 of them but now i think a pack of 6 will do since i don’t need them for my entire head. I want them for a loose wave kind of look.

In my 1 year hair journey anniversary post, i said i would get myself a hair accessory or two. I did not. In fact am not big on accessories. I should get some just to try out but errr…not now. Since i did not buy anything, i will buy a pack of flexi rods tomorrow. I don’t know what size to get them in though. I want big ones. Purple? Blue? Grey?


3 thoughts on “Hot tools & Flexi rods

    • Hi Lydia. I saw the small size (i don’t remember the colour though) at Super Cosmetics – Mama Ngina St. I think it was a pack of 12 for Ksh.300 and something. You can also find them at ‘Beauty Wholesale’ (same street). They have bigger sizes, a pack of 6 going for Ksh.760 i think. They didn’t have the size i wanted so i never bought them.

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