I straightened my hair!

Last Sunday – Monday, i clarified, did my protein treatment, deep conditioned, blow dried and finally flat ironed my hair. My last protein treatment was on 27th October and the last time i flat ironed my hair was on 8th August. Its horrible though that the rainy season is here now. I just hope i don’t get caught in the rain like i always do.

before washing

For some reason i had to do up to 5 washes to get my shampoo to lather. I also lost more hair than i normally do during my wash. The two eggs i used seemed more than enough but that’s probably because i was systematic during the application process. I also used about half the amount of deep conditioner i normally use, that’s a good thing.

air drying after clarifying/wash

after washing & deep conditioning

14 weeks’ growth

I took longer blow drying my hair because my blow dryer’s comb attachment is spoilt (so i used my wide tooth comb instead). I also spent over an hour flat ironing my hair instead of the usual 45 minutes! I don’t know why this happened. I was focusing more on my new growth and doing only one pass through the length. I didn’t straighten my new growth properly so its still puffy but my hair looks better.That night i moisturized and sealed my hair before going to bed. I will not do a length check.

all done blow drying

all done flat ironing

Am so glad i don’t have to do this whole process every weekend. My ends are thick and that’s probably because i haven’t been using heat on them. So, no more flat ironing till…June 2013? I’ll try 🙂

It seems that i have some sort of breakage going on 😦 Breakage at the demarcation line? I hope not. I really don’t like those pieces of hair sticking out.


I also found this piece. it has gotten longer since August.

August 2012

Nov 2012

I don’t plan on washing my hair for 2 weeks. Right now am wearing it straight (its flat but that’s okay since i’m stuck in the house) then next week i will curl it. At the end of that week, i will prep it and get a relaxer before Christmas.


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