Bye bye 2012

Exactly a year ago i put up this post stating what i would be doing differently with regards to my hair. My main goals were to have strong and thicker hair. I have met those goals. I did not do 2 protein treatments each month like i wanted and quite frankly, i don’t think that was necessary.

I previously stated that it has taken me 10 months to go from SL to grazing APL. I plan to get a trim in February (2013), and that means that i will cut off any length i will have gained between now and then, bringing me back to where i am now…grazing APL. So, in all actuality, its taken me a whole year to get to APL!

Since i flat ironed my hair on Christmas eve, i have been wearing my hair down and it seems like everyone keeps pointing out how long my hair has gotten. Now that’s a confidence booster right there…real motivation to keep doing what am doing so that i can claim BSL at a time like this next year.

People think my hair grows fast but honestly, i think its the average half an inch per month. Sometimes, it seems like am getting less growth…like next Friday i will be 5 months post and my new growth isn’t 2.5 inches long now and it won’t be by then. I think i have just learnt how to minimize breakage.

I don’t do anything special to my hair (see my hair regimen here) or take any pills. I started taking cod liver oil (for general good health) way before i started my hair journey but i haven’t taken it in over a month. My hair products are relatively cheap and most of the time my hair is in a bun…very boring if you ask me.

Here are some of my 2013 hair plans:

1. Get a relaxer & trim in February 2013 (i’ll be grazing APL)

2. Wear my hair out in curly styles more often (time to have fun with it)

3. Learn how to do twist outs

4. Do a henna treatment every month or every 2 months

5. Only use coconut oil and amla oil. I don’t need a bunch of oils. I might even stop using amla oil.

6. Learn how to self relax my hair

7. Graze BSL by October 2013

This is my last post for this year. I pray that God blesses all my plans (not just hair plans) and that He blesses each and everyone of you.

Have a prosperous new year!



1. Coconut oil

coconut oil

This is my all time favourite oil. I use it on my hair and also on my skin (for the oil cleansing method). I love the fact that it is locally produced here in Kenya, making it easily available and cheap. I usually buy this 1 Litre 500ml bottle for KSh.200. I know its not ‘extra virgin coconut oil’ but it works really well for my hair. Coconut oil is said to be the best oil for hair because it penetrates the hair shaft more than any other natural oil. I use it to do my oil prepoo, in my deep conditioner and also to moisturize & seal my hair.

2. Amla hair oil

amla oil

The kind that i buy (Dabur) is not a natural oil and it has mineral oil in it. That doesn’t bother me at all. I use this oil because it penetrates the hair and nourishes it while doing so. It also leaves my hair soft. Amla oil is a natural hair dye in that it darkens the hair overtime with regular use. This is one of the reasons why i use it, moreso because i also use henna which gives my hair a reddish tint. I hope the amla oil helps my hair stay as dark as it possibly can (i don’t know if its done this though but i’ll keep using it)

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is my back up oil. I use it when am away from home, when i ran out of coconut oil (rarely happens) or when the only coconut oil i have is in a bottle, in its solid state and am too lazy to get up and go melt it. I hardly ever use this oil so i only buy a small bottle of it. I still have an unopened bottle from last October when i did a hair products’ haul. When i choose to use it, its mostly to moisturize & seal my hair, in my deep conditioner (rarely) or on my face for the oil cleansing method.

4. Castor oil
I bought this oil for its hair growth properties. Unfortunately, it made my hair shed so much that i had to stop using it. I was kinda sad about that but oh well…now i use it on my face for the oil cleansing method and i love it! I’ve read that other ladies experienced excessive shedding while using it so am not the only one.

5. Eucalyptus oil
This oil like any other natural oil has some amazing properties with regards to hair. The only reason i bought it was because i wanted an oil that could make my scalp tingle. Essential oils are known to do this and this was the only one i could find. I knew peppermint oil would give me that feeling but i could only find the ‘Natures Bounty’ brand which was too pricy for me. I used the eucalyptus oil in my deep conditioner and did not get that tingly feeling so i never repurchased it again…i still have some left over from that first bottle (that i purchased over a year ago).

6. Tony Airo’s ‘Siri’ roots stimulating oil
This is a locally produced oil. It is not all natural but since it said ‘roots stimulating’, i figured, “why not give it a shot”, especially since the eucalyptus oil was such a disappointment. It came in a tiny bottle with a dropper, the kind essential oils come in and it cost me a lot of money…well, KSH240 or thereabouts (that’s a lot for that tiny bottle!) Lets just say that it did nothing for me…no tingly feeling. I was beyond disappointed but wasn’t about to give up on it. Maybe i used a very little amount? I had mixed a few drops of it in my deep conditioner. I still have that first bottle with me. I’ll try and use it up before it expires (if it hasn’t already). If i’m expected to use many drops of it, then its not economical on my part. Maybe i did not use it right and someone else has used it with success. Lol! didn’t realize i had so much to say about this oil! Moving on…

7. Almond oil

almond oil

I bought this oil for the first time last October after reading that it is rich in proteins. Now, if your hair is chemically treated like mine, it needs protein. Most ladies go for avocado oil when looking for an oil containing lots of protein but i can’t buy that because the only place i think that sells it is HealthyU and honestly i don’t think i can afford their products (though they are the best). Anyway, i bought the almond oil (it costs more than other natural oils) and i have only used it twice in my deep conditioner on my protein treatment days. I don’t know if it did anything for me.

8. Peppermint oil

peppermint oil

I finally found peppermint oil! I got a 10ml bottle (KSh.585), yea its pricy but i really wanted it and had been looking for it for about a year! It made my scalp tingle!!! Well, the tingling didn’t last but that was because i used very few drops since i heard that it can burn your scalp (didn’t want to risk it) I only used it twice as well (in my deep conditioner). I can’t say am crazy about the smell. It smells like ‘tropical’ sweets…not fruity (will post a pic of the sweet lol!) Now that i have this oil, i don’t see the hype about it so am not sure i’ll repurchase it…i don’t even use it anymore.

I know that i don’t need all these oils but i just wanted to try them out. Now that i have done that, i think its time i cut down on the number of oils i use. If i had to choose just one oil, it would be coconut oil. My hair loves amla oil and ‘Extra virgin olive oil’ is like my safety net. So these are the three oils i will be using on my hair. I will continue to buy castor oil, but only to use on my skin (i have very oily skin)

There you have it! My main oils from now on will be:
1. Coconut oil
2. Amla oil
3. Extra virgin olive oil

I had kinda mentioned in a previous post that i had bought two new products but didn’t say which products. I was referring to:
1. Almond oil
2. Peppermint oil

I made APL!!!!

*Victory dance*

I am so happy! Oh my, i could not believe this myself because its been a long time coming. I have wanted my hair to get to arm pit length (APL) ever since ever! I believe its taken me 10 months to go from SL to APL! My hair is still not where it was in 2007 but at least its finally at APL. Back then, i didn’t pay attention to my hair so it didn’t really matter what length i was at but now…am just so happy.

After straightening my hair on Christmas eve (i didn’t have time to deep condition), i moisturized and sealed it and decided to take some length check pics before wrapping it up for bed.

When i straightened my hair last month, i mentioned that i would not do a length check. I decided to do it this time because the year is coming to an end and i needed to know for sure if i had made my end-of-year hair goal (APL) like i wanted to as evidenced in this post.

The pics are not so clear because it was night time and the overhead bulb wasn’t bright enough. Anyway, here are a few pics that i took…

literally grazing APL

literally grazing APL

Please excuse the blurriness

Please excuse the blurriness

You can see product in my hair here because this was right after moisturizing and sealing.

Right after moisturizing and sealing.

4.5 months' comparison

4.5 months’ comparison

Yea…i took multiple pics just to be sure 😀 I will get a trim once i get just a little past the APL line, that way, after the trim i’ll still be at APL.

I didn’t think my dry hair was at APL when i put up this post showing the length of my shower-hair BUT…IT IS!!!!

Christmas hair, Flexi rods, Relaxer Stretch, Henna

I bought a pack of 6 orange flexi rods (size 5/8″) last week. I have mentioned wanting to get flexi rods so many times but i never did because i was hoping to get Purple or Grey ones…those are the bigger ones. I only found the orange ones so i finally got those (the biggest i could find). I paid KSh.730 for them. I didn’t buy a curling iron and i don’t know when i will.

I wanted to use the flexi rods to create some loose waves for Christmas but that got tricky. The ladies on Youtube make look so easy! Hats off to them. I had no time on Christmas eve to start learning how to use them so i just stashed them away. I will try them out another day.

For Christmas, i wore my hair down with a side part and used my flat iron to curl/bump my ends. I think i used a lot of heat but yea…whatever, its Christmas! My Mum loved how my hair turned out and so did i 🙂

2012 Xmas

Xmas hair

my hair colour in the sunlight due to henna

my hair colour in the sunlight due to henna

I did not get my hair relaxed and that means that am going to be 19 weeks post by the end of this week. I have no idea how long i will stretch this time round. Maybe, i’ll continue till i get to 24 weeks (6 months) so…5 more weeks? i don’t know. I plan to keep my hair straight the way it is now for 2 weeks then i’ll probably bun it for some time. I have no reason to relax it yet.

Seeing that i will continue stretching, i plan to use my henna to loosen my new growth’s curl pattern (said i wouldn’t do that in this post). I won’t manipulate my hair much. I love how thick and long it has gotten and i hope am able to maintain it like that and even improve its state.

RANDOM STORY: Last month when my hair was straight, i got weave-checked. Am talking fingers-on-scalp weave-checking. This has never happened to me! Normally people touch the ends of my hair and then give it a little tag (i don’t know why). Some people get angry when others touch their hair. I just find it interesting and a little flattering. A friend of mine mentioned to me yesterday that he doesn’t like it when people touch my hair. He thinks they are crossing boundaries. He says i have “good hair” and doesn’t want people touching it 😀 He’s not even my boyfriend lol! But i digress…to me good hair is healthy hair so yea, i have good hair.

In other news, my scalp stopped itching! Coconut oil really works!!! (there was a little peppermint oil in there too but coconut oil works too on its own)



Wow! Where have the days gone to? I can’t believe Christmas is finally here! I thought i would get my hair relaxed on the 21st but that did not happen. First of all, i did not call my hairdresser to make an appointment, then i figured he would be jam packed with other last minute clients and just decided not to get it done.

Looks like i will be straightening my hair again but at least 4 weeks have gone by since i last did that last month. My plan was to actually do a henna gloss to kinda strengthen my hair and help make my new growth more manageable now that i have decided to prolong my stretch. Am no longer interested in finding out what my new texture looks like…its just giving me issues! I need to do something about it hence the henna.

Anyway, i wanted to prepoo > henna > deep condition > blow dry > flat iron > moisturize & seal. Lets just say that now i don’t have time for all that. Here i am, on the 24th of December yet to finish up with Christmas shopping. I hope i will be done with that early so that i can come home and do my hair.

I will just shampoo and condition then blow dry and flat iron. I really don’t have time for anything else but if am able to free up some time i will deep condition.

17 weeks post & relaxer prep

I was up at 3am last night so i decided to do my hair at that time. I did an egg treatment then deep conditioned afterwards and this morning i just cowashed my hair.

I chose not to shampoo because i did that (clarified) about a week ago and also cowashed 4 days ago. So my hair is pretty clean.

The only problems i have been experiencing are: dry hair – i have to admit though that i haven’t moisturized and sealed in 3+ days. I had also not deep conditioned my hair in almost 3 weeks! My hair has also been shedding more than usual (hadn’t combed it in 3 days though). I had planned to do a black tea rinse as advised but didn’t get to do it. One last issue is with my scalp. Its kinda itchy even after my wash today. i’ll apply some coconut oil and hope that helps.

Right now my hair is air drying in a bun. I will keep it like that for the rest of the week and try to keep up with my moisturizing and sealing.

I will relax my hair this coming Friday (21st) and i can’t wait for that!

16 weeks post relaxer

Am just about ready to end this stretch. The past 2 weeks were a breeze because i had my hair flat ironed. I kept it straight that entire time and wasn’t going to wash it till this coming Wednesday – 12th, but my scalp started itching and i so decided to wash it Yesterday.

I did about 3 washes with my sulfate shampoo, 1 wash with my sulfate-free shampoo then used my conditioner. I did not deep condition, but i will do so in the course of this week.

I let my hair down and tied a scarf to keep my edges smooth as i air dried. Now that my hair is completely dry, i have no idea how to style it since am about to leave the house. I’ll probably just bun it.

Am going to miss my straight hair. The reason i flat ironed in the first place was for my trip upcountry but that got postponed to this Wednesday so yea… In those 2 weeks my hair stayed unwashed, i noticed that i had a lot of shedding (i don’t know why). I also experienced breakage because my hair was dry. I used to moisturize and seal but not daily.

Anyway, 4 months in, 2 weeks to go!