16 weeks post relaxer

Am just about ready to end this stretch. The past 2 weeks were a breeze because i had my hair flat ironed. I kept it straight that entire time and wasn’t going to wash it till this coming Wednesday – 12th, but my scalp started itching and i so decided to wash it Yesterday.

I did about 3 washes with my sulfate shampoo, 1 wash with my sulfate-free shampoo then used my conditioner. I did not deep condition, but i will do so in the course of this week.

I let my hair down and tied a scarf to keep my edges smooth as i air dried. Now that my hair is completely dry, i have no idea how to style it since am about to leave the house. I’ll probably just bun it.

Am going to miss my straight hair. The reason i flat ironed in the first place was for my trip upcountry but that got postponed to this Wednesday so yea… In those 2 weeks my hair stayed unwashed, i noticed that i had a lot of shedding (i don’t know why). I also experienced breakage because my hair was dry. I used to moisturize and seal but not daily.

Anyway, 4 months in, 2 weeks to go!


2 thoughts on “16 weeks post relaxer

  1. This is how i do it sometimes wash, paka coconut oil, air dry 95% and then blow dry on cool till it looks straight, i then wrap it and wake up with straight hair or you could just rollerset and sit under a dryer then wrap i am not to crazy about flat ironing my hair since i achieve the same look with a rollerset and then overnight wrapping for as long as i want it straight. Try a very weak black tea rinse ( 1 teabag to two cups water let it cool pour on your hair let it sit for 5-10 minutes then shampoo, cowash or DC) for the shedding i am actually on an experiment with tea rinses will blog about it in the new year


    • I think i’ll take the blow drying route the next time i get to this stage of my stretch. I tried rollersetting sometime back and it was a disaster, i’d rather my hairdresser do it for me…besides am yet to get a hooded dryer. Rollersetting at home just takes too much of my time so i doubt i’d try it again. As for the black tea rinse, i’ve done it once, i think it was before i started my hair journey because i don’t remember how that went. I didn’t get to do it this time round but i will do it some other time. Thanks 🙂

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