17 weeks post & relaxer prep

I was up at 3am last night so i decided to do my hair at that time. I did an egg treatment then deep conditioned afterwards and this morning i just cowashed my hair.

I chose not to shampoo because i did that (clarified) about a week ago and also cowashed 4 days ago. So my hair is pretty clean.

The only problems i have been experiencing are: dry hair – i have to admit though that i haven’t moisturized and sealed in 3+ days. I had also not deep conditioned my hair in almost 3 weeks! My hair has also been shedding more than usual (hadn’t combed it in 3 days though). I had planned to do a black tea rinse as advised but didn’t get to do it. One last issue is with my scalp. Its kinda itchy even after my wash today. i’ll apply some coconut oil and hope that helps.

Right now my hair is air drying in a bun. I will keep it like that for the rest of the week and try to keep up with my moisturizing and sealing.

I will relax my hair this coming Friday (21st) and i can’t wait for that!


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