Wow! Where have the days gone to? I can’t believe Christmas is finally here! I thought i would get my hair relaxed on the 21st but that did not happen. First of all, i did not call my hairdresser to make an appointment, then i figured he would be jam packed with other last minute clients and just decided not to get it done.

Looks like i will be straightening my hair again but at least 4 weeks have gone by since i last did that last month. My plan was to actually do a henna gloss to kinda strengthen my hair and help make my new growth more manageable now that i have decided to prolong my stretch. Am no longer interested in finding out what my new texture looks like…its just giving me issues! I need to do something about it hence the henna.

Anyway, i wanted to prepoo > henna > deep condition > blow dry > flat iron > moisturize & seal. Lets just say that now i don’t have time for all that. Here i am, on the 24th of December yet to finish up with Christmas shopping. I hope i will be done with that early so that i can come home and do my hair.

I will just shampoo and condition then blow dry and flat iron. I really don’t have time for anything else but if am able to free up some time i will deep condition.


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