Christmas hair, Flexi rods, Relaxer Stretch, Henna

I bought a pack of 6 orange flexi rods (size 5/8″) last week. I have mentioned wanting to get flexi rods so many times but i never did because i was hoping to get Purple or Grey ones…those are the bigger ones. I only found the orange ones so i finally got those (the biggest i could find). I paid KSh.730 for them. I didn’t buy a curling iron and i don’t know when i will.

I wanted to use the flexi rods to create some loose waves for Christmas but that got tricky. The ladies on Youtube make look so easy! Hats off to them. I had no time on Christmas eve to start learning how to use them so i just stashed them away. I will try them out another day.

For Christmas, i wore my hair down with a side part and used my flat iron to curl/bump my ends. I think i used a lot of heat but yea…whatever, its Christmas! My Mum loved how my hair turned out and so did i πŸ™‚

2012 Xmas

Xmas hair

my hair colour in the sunlight due to henna

my hair colour in the sunlight due to henna

I did not get my hair relaxed and that means that am going to be 19 weeks post by the end of this week. I have no idea how long i will stretch this time round. Maybe, i’ll continue till i get to 24 weeks (6 months) so…5 more weeks? i don’t know. I plan to keep my hair straight the way it is now for 2 weeks then i’ll probably bun it for some time. I have no reason to relax it yet.

Seeing that i will continue stretching, i plan to use my henna to loosen my new growth’s curl pattern (said i wouldn’t do that in this post). I won’t manipulate my hair much. I love how thick and long it has gotten and i hope am able to maintain it like that and even improve its state.

RANDOM STORY: Last month when my hair was straight, i got weave-checked. Am talking fingers-on-scalp weave-checking. This has never happened to me! Normally people touch the ends of my hair and then give it a little tag (i don’t know why). Some people get angry when others touch their hair. I just find it interesting and a little flattering. A friend of mine mentioned to me yesterday that he doesn’t like it when people touch my hair. He thinks they are crossing boundaries. He says i have “good hair” and doesn’t want people touching it πŸ˜€ He’s not even my boyfriend lol! But i digress…to me good hair is healthy hair so yea, i have good hair.

In other news, my scalp stopped itching! Coconut oil really works!!! (there was a little peppermint oil in there too but coconut oil works too on its own)


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