1. Coconut oil

coconut oil

This is my all time favourite oil. I use it on my hair and also on my skin (for the oil cleansing method). I love the fact that it is locally produced here in Kenya, making it easily available and cheap. I usually buy this 1 Litre 500ml bottle for KSh.200. I know its not ‘extra virgin coconut oil’ but it works really well for my hair. Coconut oil is said to be the best oil for hair because it penetrates the hair shaft more than any other natural oil. I use it to do my oil prepoo, in my deep conditioner and also to moisturize & seal my hair.

2. Amla hair oil

amla oil

The kind that i buy (Dabur) is not a natural oil and it has mineral oil in it. That doesn’t bother me at all. I use this oil because it penetrates the hair and nourishes it while doing so. It also leaves my hair soft. Amla oil is a natural hair dye in that it darkens the hair overtime with regular use. This is one of the reasons why i use it, moreso because i also use henna which gives my hair a reddish tint. I hope the amla oil helps my hair stay as dark as it possibly can (i don’t know if its done this though but i’ll keep using it)

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This is my back up oil. I use it when am away from home, when i ran out of coconut oil (rarely happens) or when the only coconut oil i have is in a bottle, in its solid state and am too lazy to get up and go melt it. I hardly ever use this oil so i only buy a small bottle of it. I still have an unopened bottle from last October when i did a hair products’ haul. When i choose to use it, its mostly to moisturize & seal my hair, in my deep conditioner (rarely) or on my face for the oil cleansing method.

4. Castor oil
I bought this oil for its hair growth properties. Unfortunately, it made my hair shed so much that i had to stop using it. I was kinda sad about that but oh well…now i use it on my face for the oil cleansing method and i love it! I’ve read that other ladies experienced excessive shedding while using it so am not the only one.

5. Eucalyptus oil
This oil like any other natural oil has some amazing properties with regards to hair. The only reason i bought it was because i wanted an oil that could make my scalp tingle. Essential oils are known to do this and this was the only one i could find. I knew peppermint oil would give me that feeling but i could only find the ‘Natures Bounty’ brand which was too pricy for me. I used the eucalyptus oil in my deep conditioner and did not get that tingly feeling so i never repurchased it again…i still have some left over from that first bottle (that i purchased over a year ago).

6. Tony Airo’s ‘Siri’ roots stimulating oil
This is a locally produced oil. It is not all natural but since it said ‘roots stimulating’, i figured, “why not give it a shot”, especially since the eucalyptus oil was such a disappointment. It came in a tiny bottle with a dropper, the kind essential oils come in and it cost me a lot of money…well, KSH240 or thereabouts (that’s a lot for that tiny bottle!) Lets just say that it did nothing for me…no tingly feeling. I was beyond disappointed but wasn’t about to give up on it. Maybe i used a very little amount? I had mixed a few drops of it in my deep conditioner. I still have that first bottle with me. I’ll try and use it up before it expires (if it hasn’t already). If i’m expected to use many drops of it, then its not economical on my part. Maybe i did not use it right and someone else has used it with success. Lol! didn’t realize i had so much to say about this oil! Moving on…

7. Almond oil

almond oil

I bought this oil for the first time last October after reading that it is rich in proteins. Now, if your hair is chemically treated like mine, it needs protein. Most ladies go for avocado oil when looking for an oil containing lots of protein but i can’t buy that because the only place i think that sells it is HealthyU and honestly i don’t think i can afford their products (though they are the best). Anyway, i bought the almond oil (it costs more than other natural oils) and i have only used it twice in my deep conditioner on my protein treatment days. I don’t know if it did anything for me.

8. Peppermint oil

peppermint oil

I finally found peppermint oil! I got a 10ml bottle (KSh.585), yea its pricy but i really wanted it and had been looking for it for about a year! It made my scalp tingle!!! Well, the tingling didn’t last but that was because i used very few drops since i heard that it can burn your scalp (didn’t want to risk it) I only used it twice as well (in my deep conditioner). I can’t say am crazy about the smell. It smells like ‘tropical’ sweets…not fruity (will post a pic of the sweet lol!) Now that i have this oil, i don’t see the hype about it so am not sure i’ll repurchase it…i don’t even use it anymore.

I know that i don’t need all these oils but i just wanted to try them out. Now that i have done that, i think its time i cut down on the number of oils i use. If i had to choose just one oil, it would be coconut oil. My hair loves amla oil and ‘Extra virgin olive oil’ is like my safety net. So these are the three oils i will be using on my hair. I will continue to buy castor oil, but only to use on my skin (i have very oily skin)

There you have it! My main oils from now on will be:
1. Coconut oil
2. Amla oil
3. Extra virgin olive oil

I had kinda mentioned in a previous post that i had bought two new products but didn’t say which products. I was referring to:
1. Almond oil
2. Peppermint oil


7 thoughts on “MY HAIR OILS

  1. Nice list we use most of the same ois I haven’t really tried any of the essential oils but from what i know about eating peppermint flavoured stuff i can imagine the tingling senasation you are taking about lol Oh and I am glad you put the extra virgin coconut in quotes because there is no such thing as “extra virgin coconut oil” that is just a manufacturing gimmick since they use the exact same process to extract “virgin coconut oil” only Olive oil has “virginity” levels.

  2. What brand of caster oil did you use? I could only find ‘ideal’. Wanted to try out another brand but havent found any yet. I was using it on my hairline because of its growth propertys and I would get flakes, so I stopped. Amla oil makes hair super soft, but the smell!!

    • hi, i also had the ‘ideal’ brand. I haven’t seen any other around. You experienced flaking? I haven’t heard of that happening. Maybe it was expired or you had dandruff? Or maybe you already had another product on your hair and the two didn’t go well together? Either way, because it is thick, mix it with a lighter oil like coconut oil or whichever natural oil you have and use it like that.
      Ah..the amla oil has a very distinct smell lol! I can’t walk around with that smell in my hair which is why i use it to prepoo my hair and only in my deep conditioner (’cause i’m gonna wash it out later -after its penetrated) You can use it like me if you like or how do you use it? Do you use the one with the green cap? Try the one with the white cap…it has a very faint smell, says its for dry, damaged & chemically treated hair, has amla, almonds and henna. It doesn’t list mineral oil..but who knows? It works great either way. Let me know how everything goes 🙂

      • I wash my hair weekly, so no dandruff,lol! Its not expired either, it could be because of it mixing with another product already on my hair! But i’m going to try mixing with a lighter oil and see what happens.
        I bought the green cup amla oil and I’ve used it only once to seal in my moisturizer and the softness my hair had in the morning was amazing! I’ll get the white cupped one and see how it is and also try mixing the green cup with my conditioner

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