Bye bye 2012

Exactly a year ago i put up this post stating what i would be doing differently with regards to my hair. My main goals were to have strong and thicker hair. I have met those goals. I did not do 2 protein treatments each month like i wanted and quite frankly, i don’t think that was necessary.

I previously stated that it has taken me 10 months to go from SL to grazing APL. I plan to get a trim in February (2013), and that means that i will cut off any length i will have gained between now and then, bringing me back to where i am now…grazing APL. So, in all actuality, its taken me a whole year to get to APL!

Since i flat ironed my hair on Christmas eve, i have been wearing my hair down and it seems like everyone keeps pointing out how long my hair has gotten. Now that’s a confidence booster right there…real motivation to keep doing what am doing so that i can claim BSL at a time like this next year.

People think my hair grows fast but honestly, i think its the average half an inch per month. Sometimes, it seems like am getting less growth…like next Friday i will be 5 months post and my new growth isn’t 2.5 inches long now and it won’t be by then. I think i have just learnt how to minimize breakage.

I don’t do anything special to my hair (see my hair regimen here) or take any pills. I started taking cod liver oil (for general good health) way before i started my hair journey but i haven’t taken it in over a month. My hair products are relatively cheap and most of the time my hair is in a bun…very boring if you ask me.

Here are some of my 2013 hair plans:

1. Get a relaxer & trim in February 2013 (i’ll be grazing APL)

2. Wear my hair out in curly styles more often (time to have fun with it)

3. Learn how to do twist outs

4. Do a henna treatment every month or every 2 months

5. Only use coconut oil and amla oil. I don’t need a bunch of oils. I might even stop using amla oil.

6. Learn how to self relax my hair

7. Graze BSL by October 2013

This is my last post for this year. I pray that God blesses all my plans (not just hair plans) and that He blesses each and everyone of you.

Have a prosperous new year!


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