Cutting back

Who needs 8 different types of oils for their hair? Not me thats for sure, which is why i have decided to stick with just one oil: Coconut oil.

My other hair oils are:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Dabur amla hair oil
  • Castor oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Almond oil
  • Tony Airo ‘siri’ roots stimulating oil

I bought some of these oils in 2011. I was so hyped about peppermint oil but i have only used it twice and can do without it. I will be adding these oils (apart from castor oil) to my deep conditioner from now on till they all run out. I will use the castor oil for my oil cleansing method sessions.


Am extending this relaxer stretch

Its been 10 days since my last post and i feel like i have been gone forever!

I straightened my hair last Friday. The last time i did that was a month ago. I am really tired of dealing with my hair at this point of my stretch (22 weeks post). My new growth is manageable like i keep saying but i just want to have one (straight) texture from root to tip.

I have decided to keep my hair straight for 2 weeks straight (no washing in between). So my next wash will be on the 1st of February. On that day i will do a henna gloss treatment, deep condition, blow dry on warm then flat iron again and keep it straight for 2 more weeks.

I know that is more direct heat than i would normally use, but i can’t get a relaxer just yet. I have not been very smart money-wise so now my hair funds (relaxer money) have to be redirected elsewhere where they are needed more. At least am prioritizing this time round 🙂 Its a good thing i did a hair products’ haul last October because now i don’t have to worry about running out of stuff for a while.

I moisturize an seal my hair more diligently now, and as a result, it is nice and soft. I have no dryness issues or breakage. All i have to worry about now is 2 weeks’ worth of build up!



Lately, i have become increasingly interested in doing my nails. It looks like my obsession is slowly shifting from hair care to nail art. The consequence of stretching my relaxer for too long perhaps?

Anyway, i have posted a few pics of the nail art mani’s i have been rocking. Am not an expert in this field…am just doing it for fun and hope to get better at it.


Click here to see more. I hope you enjoy 🙂

This past week…

…my hair has either been in a braid-out style or a textured bun (from an old braid-out). Here are some pics i took on a random day:

deep conditioning

deep conditioning



I know this is not the best roller to use but hey...

I know this is not the best roller to use but hey…

textured pony

need henna touch up

Decided to bun it instead

Decided to bun it instead

messy bun

texture at 21 weeks post

texture at 21 weeks post

I was actually thinking of stretching my relaxer for more than the 24 weeks i had planned but i won’t. My hair is manageable at this point (21 weeks post relaxer) but i really miss wearing my hair straight. The thought of flat ironing it even crossed my mind..its only been 3 weeks since last did it!

Braid-out at 5 months post

I did my usual 2 french braids on damp hair after applying my leave-in conditioner and a little coconut oil, and kept them in yesterday because i was indoors all day…

2 french braids

These were the results after i took them out today…

braid out

Because i only did 2 braids, the new growth along my hairline didn’t blend so well with the rest of my relaxed hair but i just wore it like that…

not blended

My grazing APL hair curled up to neck length (or right above it?)…i didn’t make a part but instead flipped it to one side later in the day.


I couldn’t get enough of the following three pics because of the colour (due to henna) I was indoors when i took these with the camera’s flash on…

henna 1

henna 2

henna 3

Two more random pics…



I love how my ends curled up here. They look thick and i also love that they are off my shoulders…

curled up

This is the length of my hair from the front. See how much the ends curled up?

long short

This isn’t my best braid-out…it could have turned out better, but i said i would post pics no matter what. I will redo the braids for tomorrows braid-out and add two more cornrows along my hairline so that the new growth there isn’t too visible. If i do any more braids then the curls will be too tight and i don’t want that.

So there you have it. My braid-out at 20 weeks post.

First wash this year

I clarified my hair today then deep conditioned (well am still deep conditioning). This was unintentional. Its only been a week since i flat ironed my hair and was hoping to keep it like that for another week but when i got into the shower today, i just reached for the shampoo.

I used my sulfate shampoo and had to do a couple of washes before it lathered up really well. Guess i had a lot of build up! I have been deep conditioning for the past 3-4 hours and i think i should rinse it out now. I want to braid my hair for the night and hopefully rock a braid out tomorrow. Hope my new growth blends with my relaxed hair nicely…fail or win, pics tomorrow.

Did i mention how much shrinkage i experienced? Crazy growth i tell you!

19 weeks post

No-lye vs Lye relaxers

I have been thinking about no lye and lye relaxers. My basic understanding of No lye relaxers is that they leave mineral deposits on your hair (hence the need to use a chelating shampoo after relaxing), are harsher on the hair but gentler on the scalp, they process the hair slower and something about pH. Lye relaxers on the other hand, they leave your hair silky with nothing deposited on it, are harsher on the scalp but gentler on the hair. They process the hair faster and the pH isn’t bad for your hair. Am not sure if i’m right about all these so don’t take my word for it.

I use a no-lye relaxer with no problems but i might switch to a lye relaxer once am comfortable self relaxing my hair. Hopefully by then the ORS lye relaxer will be available in Kenya…’cause i haven’t seen it anywhere. I know that chances of scalp burning are very high but that can be solved by properly basing the scalp beforehand.

This is the relaxer i use: