First wash this year

I clarified my hair today then deep conditioned (well am still deep conditioning). This was unintentional. Its only been a week since i flat ironed my hair and was hoping to keep it like that for another week but when i got into the shower today, i just reached for the shampoo.

I used my sulfate shampoo and had to do a couple of washes before it lathered up really well. Guess i had a lot of build up! I have been deep conditioning for the past 3-4 hours and i think i should rinse it out now. I want to braid my hair for the night and hopefully rock a braid out tomorrow. Hope my new growth blends with my relaxed hair nicely…fail or win, pics tomorrow.

Did i mention how much shrinkage i experienced? Crazy growth i tell you!

19 weeks post


3 thoughts on “First wash this year

  1. Hehe,.Some massive growth you have there! I also have more than an inch long of growth that I couldnt comb, so I did braids last week hopefully to last slightly longer than a month, then I’ll be 16 weeks post n ready for a relax.

    • I know! in as much as i love seeing new growth (proof that my hair is actually growing) gawd i look drab! i just want to flat iron my hair again but i won’t…too much heat. I wish i could get braids but i get paranoid and start picturing my hair breaking off lol! My weekly washes keep my new growth manageable for the most part so i’ll survive this till relaxer day 🙂 Make sure you retain all the length you will gain from braiding and keep your new growth moisturized lol! am so excited about more and more people taking better care of their hair!

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