No-lye vs Lye relaxers

I have been thinking about no lye and lye relaxers. My basic understanding of No lye relaxers is that they leave mineral deposits on your hair (hence the need to use a chelating shampoo after relaxing), are harsher on the hair but gentler on the scalp, they process the hair slower and something about pH. Lye relaxers on the other hand, they leave your hair silky with nothing deposited on it, are harsher on the scalp but gentler on the hair. They process the hair faster and the pH isn’t bad for your hair. Am not sure if i’m right about all these so don’t take my word for it.

I use a no-lye relaxer with no problems but i might switch to a lye relaxer once am comfortable self relaxing my hair. Hopefully by then the ORS lye relaxer will be available in Kenya…’cause i haven’t seen it anywhere. I know that chances of scalp burning are very high but that can be solved by properly basing the scalp beforehand.

This is the relaxer i use:


6 thoughts on “No-lye vs Lye relaxers

  1. I was a dark and lovely no lye relaxer girl for many many years then about 3 years ago my cousin used TCB lye relaxer on my hair and i sorta switched to that for a while since you don’t have to mix anything but i am now going back permanently to no lye’s. Lye relaxers are HARSH on my scalp I start to feel a burning sensation within minutes of application, with no lye i can even stay with relaxer on my head for 30mins not that i have ever done that and wouldn’t recommend anyone doing so but they are so much easier on my scalp and slow to process so perfect for texlaxing which is what i want to be doing from now on. I have texlaxed several times before only then i didn’t know that is what its called and i always thought my hair had unprocessed…for your first self relax session i suggest you stick to no lye’s and have someone with you to help if need be or you can do the half method where you relax half the hair first rinse, neutralize and then relax the other half just google it there are plenty tutorials

    • Am scared of burning…never experienced it really (let me not jinx it lol!) I plan to use a no lye when i start self relaxing. I have been practicing by timing myself applying conditioner on my new growth using an applicator brush…still need to work more on that. I know what to do (theory part) and i also watch the tutorials over and over lol!

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