1 week post relaxer

I haven’t quite been following any particular hair regimen for the past month or so. I have just been doing random stuff to my hair. How has that been working out for me you ask? Not so great.

I am currently 1 week post relaxer and have only moisturized and sealed my hair 1 or 2 times since i got the relaxer touch up. My hair isn’t overly dry because (like i mentioned in this post) my hairdresser used a lot of products in my hair during my retouch. I just didn’t want to keep coating my hair with stuff. My scalp on the other hand is starting to act up – its getting itchy. If it gets any worse, i’ll simply apply my coconut and peppermint oil mix to it. That worked last time. I could use coconut oil on its own but i really want to use up this oil mix that i already have.

I have one more week to go before i can wash my hair and get back on my regimen.


2 thoughts on “1 week post relaxer

  1. I washed my hair last monday and before that I never bothered moisturizing or doing anything to my hair…I didnt want the bounce from the roller set to disappear. But I was having some major issues with itching, I’m guessing from the relaxer. I still have a bit of an itch despite applying olive oil on my scalp but I’m thinking it’l disapper after my second wash this weekend. Seeing that you also have an itch, I’m thinking it’s normal!! I’m 3 weeks post.

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