Future plans

I have decided to fully take charge of my hair. No more salon visits unless for whatever reason, i decide i want that ‘salon look’. This should be a walk in the park for me since i only go there for relaxer touch ups twice a year.

I have actually been thinking about this since last year and now am sure its what i want to do. Am talking about self-relaxing and self-trimming. To be honest, i get nervous when i think about it but am in.

I have been practicing the relaxer application step using conditioner and that was kinda hard. In all fairness, i was dealing with a lot of new growth. I will continue practicing right up to when i get to 10-12 weeks post – because thats when i plan to self-relax. I don’t want to have to deal with a lot of new growth the first time am self-relaxing.

As for the trim, that will have to wait for 6 months or so. I don’t see the point of clipping my ends any sooner if they don’t need to be clipped. I haven’t bought a pair of hair scissors yet…am not n a hurry to do so.

I have decided to get more of the ‘Organic Root Stimulator’ products. I already use their sheen spray, hair lotion and heat protectant but now i want to add the ‘creamy aloe shampoo’, ‘replenishing conditioner’ and ‘no-lye relaxer in normal’ to my stash. I am well aware that the products have been rebranded and repackaged but the ingredients are still the same. Those new products are not yet in Kenya.

About the ORS relaxer, i have heard a lot of complaints about it leaving hair under-processed. Despite this, i am still going to buy it and use it. Don’t get me wrong, am not going for the texlaxed/under-processed look, I’d just rather have my hair under-processed than over-processed. Though i pray to God that i will get straight results.

Another thing, i have heard that you have to get the smoothing process right if you want to get your hair straight. I believe this because my hairdresser focuses on this step more than application step. This is probably why i had the relaxer in my hair for 10 min less than last time, and my hair was still straight at the end of it all.

Am also going to get the ‘isoplus’ shampoo (i think thats what its called). This shampoo enables one to know when all the relaxer has been neutralized by changing colour or something. I could do without it but am not going to joke around with this self-relaxing business.

I plan to use the creamy aloe shampoo and replenishing conditioner only on relaxer days because for one, they cost more than i normally pay for hair products and two, not only are my other products are way cheaper, they work just fine and don’t need to be replaced.

Clearly i have thought about this a lot. It seems like its all i think about nowadays regarding hair lol! Hope i find something new to obsess over now that i have posted this ๐Ÿ˜€


3 thoughts on “Future plans

  1. Awww you are so cute with your plans lol. ORS creamy aloe is a neutralizing shampoo as well it also comes in the relaxer pack It is multipurpose I use it as a chelating shampoo after swimming basically it gets rid of mineral build up and chemicals/chlorine in your hair. I am yet to use it for neutralizing so I don’t know if it has a colour indicator. Venus has a neutralizing shampoo with a colour indicator quite cheap less than ksh200 I have used it before. How neutralizing shampoos work; the lather is pink means you still have relaxer in your hair when the lather turns white that means the relaxer is totally rinsed out of your hair. What you need to be looking out for when shopping is a neutralizing shampoo with a colour indicator. I am also planning on using ORS relaxer for the first time when I touch up in April the mild one still not decided I have always used Dark and lovely sometimes TCB or Soft sheen carson for a change. For a first time self relaxer I would suggest you go with no lye as lye relaxers in my experience are quite harsh on the scalp. No lye on the other are very gentle on the scalp so perfect for first time self relaxers gives you time to evenly apply the relaxer throughout your hair. With lye relaxers I start feeling the burning sensation within five minutes of application so I always ended up accidentally texlaxing when using lye relaxers but I have now gone back to no lye full time and will still texlax. Hope this was helpful!

    • Hi Lydz me and my plans ๐Ÿ™‚ … Anyway, i have used the Venus shampoo (the normal one) before and i hated it so i doubt i’d want to try out their neutralizing one. I LOVE their leave-in conditioner though. Its a good thing the ORS one has chelating properties because i plan to go back to swimming on a regular basis. I will definitely be using the no-lye relaxer. You want to use the mild one? I ‘d be scared that wouldn’t take at all! This was helpful! I want you there for my first session lol!

      • Lol you will be fine just realised I wrote soft sheen carson instead of soft and free lol in the first comment. My hair is the fine type so it takes regular/mild relaxers very well.

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