Monday hair + rant

air drying in a ponytail

air drying in a ponytail

I did a deep conditioning treatment on dry hair for about 2hrs today then air dried in a ponytail after moisturizing and sealing. I know the last time deep conditioned was about 2 days ago but i just felt like doing it. Besides i wore my hair out yesterday in a bantu knot out for an out-of-town trip so my hair was a bit dry, dirty from dust and sweaty.

Normally i would deep condition overnight but somehow 2 hours was enough today. My hair is soft and moisturized. I also have VERY little shedding going on thanks to the henna treatment i did on Friday.

I applied the deep conditioner the same way you would apply relaxer (am practicing) and am happy to report that it took me 15 minutes to do so, smoothing included. I know having no new growth helped but am happy with what i was able to achieve.

In other news, someone stole my phone at a party over the weekend and that is really stressing me out. My whole life is in there…documents, dates, lists, contacts, my life, aagggrrr!!! I don’t even know who to suspect! The shameless thief also stole the host’s wallet!


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