Godrej – Nupur Henna


Godrej Nupur Henna
100% Natural Henna
With goodness of Amla, Brahmi and Bhringraj

Amla (Emblica officinalis) extracts
Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) powder
Brahmi (Centella asiatica) extracts
Jaswant (hibiscus rosa sinensis) powder
Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

Mehndi (henna) – conditions hair besides being an excellent colourant
Brahmi – promotes hair growth
Amla – helps in darkening hair and promoting hair growth
Bhringraj – makes hair black and luxuriant

Hoe to use
1) Soak Nupur Mehndi for 4-6 hours to make a thick paste.
2) Apply the paste on hair.
3) Leave on for 3-4 hours.
4) Rinse off thoroughly with water.

You can also enhance the effect of the mehendi (henna) paste by adding vinegar and/or lemon juice to the paste. Not only is his beneficial for oily hair, it also gives golden or copper highlights.

Bring out the best colour on your hands as well.


I bought some henna!

Today i went to look for ‘Resham herbal hair henna’ which is the henna i normally use. I didn’t find it and the lady at the store told me that its been out of stock for a while now. The ‘Resham’ henna was the only henna they used to sell but since it went out stock, they now now stock the ‘Godrej Nupur Henna’.

That Nupur henna now comes in a different packaging. Its not what i remember seeing some time back. It has 5 herbs instead of the usual 9. At least it comes in a 200g pack…the old one used to be in a 150g pack i think.

After looking around various stores, i decided to just buy the Nupur henna. It cost me KSh.315. I saw it going for ksh.320 and even KSh.340 in other stores. The Resham henna used to go for KSh.225 so yea, i wasn’t happy about that. On the bright side, the old Nupur used to cost more than KSh315.

I will do a henna treatment this coming Sunday.

Henna worries

I am dying to do another henna treatment. Its been almost 4 weeks since my last one so i think i will do another one this coming Wednesday or in a weeks time – next Sunday.

Whats troubling me though is the fact that i don’t have henna and i don’t know if i’ll find it at the store next week. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that i don’t experiment with different hair products. I like to stick to my staple ones.

If i don’t find my usual henna, i might buy ‘Godrej – Nupur Henna’.

pic from web

pic from web

I believe its good for hair since it has a blend of 9 herbs BUT, unlike my Resham henna, this one costs more for less 😦 It also contains ‘Hibiscus’ which gives hair a reddish tint. Now, henna gives hair a reddish tint, hibiscus emphasizes the red. The Resham henna on the other hand has ‘Katha’ and ‘Coffee’ which are supposed tone down the red given off by henna to a dark brown. They didn’t do much for me since you can see a reddish tint in my hair when am out in the sun.

Am just worried that my hair might end up having a more red undertone than i want. Anyway, i hope my continued use of ‘Amla oil’ will help darken my hair.

So thats what i’ve been thinking about today with regards to my hair.

Keeping it simple

I have been strictly sticking to my regimen : deep conditioning (on dry hair) on Wednesday night & rinsing on Thursday morning AND doing an oil prepoo on Saturday night then shampooing + conditioner washing on Sunday morning.

My hair regimen is super simple because it only takes me about 5 minutes to apply my deep conditioner (or oil for prepoo), i leave it on overnight or for a couple of hours (during which time i sleep or do other stuff at home) then rinsing out the deep conditioner probably takes me 5 minutes. Shampooing-conditioning and rinsing also takes me about…5 minutes? lets say 8 minutes max. SUPER SIMPLE i tell you.

I always detangle my hair before applying the deep conditioner (or oil) and then wash it in one direction (all going back), thats why i don’t spend a lot of time in the shower. Also, my hair is so soft and easy to manage now (at 7 weeks post) and i honestly believe the 2 henna treatments i did (at 2 and 3 weeks post) are responsible for that. My hair is also shiny and stays moisturized much better now that i wash it twice a week and use plain water and to moisturize and ‘extra virgin olive oil’ to seal. I don’t need to moisturize and seal everyday, i probably do it every other day.

When it comes to styling, i air dry my hair in a bun or a ponytail and thats basically how i wear it after its dry. I use a flexi rod to curl my ponytail. I look like ‘the girl next door’ or ‘the librarian’ most of the time 😀

Mini hair (products) haul

Am due for another henna treatment and since i do not have any henna left, i wanted to buy some today. Sadly, the store i buy it from didn’t have it. “Out of stock”, they said. I hope they’ll have it next week since i don’t think i’ll be in town again this week. If i don’t find it, i’ll do a protein treatment (in place of the henna treatment).

Anyway, i went ahead and bought some coconut oil and deep conditioner instead. Both of these products have been repackaged.

I don't like the new (clear) bottle packaging. Am sure if i dropped it by accident, it would break.

I don’t like the new (clear) bottle packaging. Am sure if i dropped it by accident, it would break.

I don't like this new packaging either

I don’t like this new packaging either

Last week i bought some leave-in conditioner.

I love this product! It smells so good, is very light and it leaves my hair soft. And its cheap.

I love this product! It smells so good, is very light and it leaves my hair soft. And its cheap.

Am slowly running out of hair products. My last hair products haul was almost 6 months ago! I must admit that it felt good not having to go to the store every couple of weeks or months to stock up on products. I really should do another huge haul.

6 weeks post relaxer

Well, 6 weeks and 3 days post to be exact.

Here is a post from about a year ago (after my 1st relaxer) when i was about 6 weeks post relaxer. Looks like i was having a little trouble with my hair. Here is another post also at 6 weeks post (after my 2nd relaxer) i got better at taking care of my hair.

Right now i have VERY LITTLE new growth. I feel like my hair is growing at a slower rate than usual. It could be because of the weather. The month of April = lots of rain in Kenya. Than again am only 6 weeks post, how much new growth do i expect to have? lol!

I think bunning is the way to go during the rainy season especially if there is a chance your hair will end up getting wet, but now that its getting warmer, am okay rocking a ponytail. I might even do a braid out soon (talk of cheap thrills :D)


A prepoo is a pre-shampoo treatment that is done/applied to the hair prior to shampooing.

This can be done using (natural) oils, conditioner, a mixture of oils and conditioner or food items that are known to be beneficial to hair like honey, avocados, yogurt, or bananas. There are also store bought products that can be used for this purpose but more likely than not they contain fillers that are of no benefit to your hair.

Despite the obvious fact that any products applied during the pre-poo step are washed out by your shampoo, it is still important to do the prepoo step because it conditions the cuticle and gets it ready for the manipulation that is to follow. It also helps hair retain moisture better.

> The wash routine (shampooing, conditioning, styling) is very stressful on the hair, what with all the manipulation that goes into it!

> Also, some shampoos (those containing sulfates) are harsh meaning that they completely strip hair of all the natural oils and moisture leaving it rough to the touch and dry.

How i do a prepoo treatment

I like to use oils for my prepoo treatment once a week. I use a mixture of coconut oil and amla oil. These are my staple prepoo products though sometimes i use any other oils i have with me. There are times i apply eggs to my hair (protein treatment) prior to shampooing so i guess thats a prepoo too.

coconut oil

amla oil

Eggs (protein treatment)

Eggs (protein treatment)

What i do is part my hair into 3-4 sections and then apply the product to each section.

Doing an oil prepoo back in 2011 when my hair was natural

Doing an oil prepoo back in 2011 when my hair was natural

Doing an oil prepoo a week ago on my (now) relaxed hair

Doing an oil prepoo 2 weeks ago on my (now) relaxed hair

After that, i cover my hair with a plastic bag (you can use a shower cap instead). This keeps the oil in your hair that way it doesn’t soak into your head scarf or pillow. It also keeps it from running down your neck. After that, i secure it with a scarf and leave it on overnight. Leaving it on for an extended period of time allows the oil to penetrate the hair shaft due to the body heat that is generated. The following morning, i proceed to the shampoo step. I use a sulfate-free shampoo.

'Oliive' Olive Oil Shampoo with Conditioner (Sulfate-free)

‘Oliive’ Olive Oil Shampoo with Conditioner (Sulfate-free)

The result is soft, moisturized hair. My hair never feels stripped or oily after an oil prepoo.