Keeping it simple

I have been strictly sticking to my regimen : deep conditioning (on dry hair) on Wednesday night & rinsing on Thursday morning AND doing an oil prepoo on Saturday night then shampooing + conditioner washing on Sunday morning.

My hair regimen is super simple because it only takes me about 5 minutes to apply my deep conditioner (or oil for prepoo), i leave it on overnight or for a couple of hours (during which time i sleep or do other stuff at home) then rinsing out the deep conditioner probably takes me 5 minutes. Shampooing-conditioning and rinsing also takes me about…5 minutes? lets say 8 minutes max. SUPER SIMPLE i tell you.

I always detangle my hair before applying the deep conditioner (or oil) and then wash it in one direction (all going back), thats why i don’t spend a lot of time in the shower. Also, my hair is so soft and easy to manage now (at 7 weeks post) and i honestly believe the 2 henna treatments i did (at 2 and 3 weeks post) are responsible for that. My hair is also shiny and stays moisturized much better now that i wash it twice a week and use plain water and to moisturize and ‘extra virgin olive oil’ to seal. I don’t need to moisturize and seal everyday, i probably do it every other day.

When it comes to styling, i air dry my hair in a bun or a ponytail and thats basically how i wear it after its dry. I use a flexi rod to curl my ponytail. I look like ‘the girl next door’ or ‘the librarian’ most of the time đŸ˜€


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