Godrej – Nupur Henna


Godrej Nupur Henna
100% Natural Henna
With goodness of Amla, Brahmi and Bhringraj

Amla (Emblica officinalis) extracts
Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) powder
Brahmi (Centella asiatica) extracts
Jaswant (hibiscus rosa sinensis) powder
Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

Mehndi (henna) – conditions hair besides being an excellent colourant
Brahmi – promotes hair growth
Amla – helps in darkening hair and promoting hair growth
Bhringraj – makes hair black and luxuriant

Hoe to use
1) Soak Nupur Mehndi for 4-6 hours to make a thick paste.
2) Apply the paste on hair.
3) Leave on for 3-4 hours.
4) Rinse off thoroughly with water.

You can also enhance the effect of the mehendi (henna) paste by adding vinegar and/or lemon juice to the paste. Not only is his beneficial for oily hair, it also gives golden or copper highlights.

Bring out the best colour on your hands as well.

12 thoughts on “Godrej – Nupur Henna

      • I read your posts on henna. I just buy henna from the beauty supply stores because thats closer to me, its finely sifted and is pre-mixed with other herbs. I know a place i can get the kind you are talking about but it usually has leaves and twigs in it, and i really don’t want to have to do the sifting myself 😀

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  5. Hello, just stumbled on you while searching for natural hair products in Kenya. Where do you get the henna from? I have used the body art henna twice and it left me with many twigs in my hair lol! I have no patience for sifting so am looking for an alternative. Tell me all the names of the beauty stores u go to and their location. Am not a native so getting around is not easy for me. My eyes were almost popping out at the range of products you have.
    As i wait for response am off to reading everything else on your blog

    • Hi Yaliwe, i buy henna from ‘Super cosmetics’ along Mama Ngina Street here in Nairobi. You can also find it in most of the leading supermarkets throughout the country. Tuskys supermarkets in particular seem to always carry it.

      I also get the rest of my products from Supermarkets (Nakumatt , Tuskys, Naivas…) apart from the Perfect cosmetics hot oil creme which i get from ‘bestlady’, a cosmetic shop with branches along Ronald Ngala St., River Road, and i think along Moi avenue too.

      You can find essential oils in a Chemist/Pharmacy store.

      All of these places are within the CBD so you should have minimal trouble finding them. Wish you the best and thankyou for checking out my blog 🙂

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