I bought some henna!

Today i went to look for ‘Resham herbal hair henna’ which is the henna i normally use. I didn’t find it and the lady at the store told me that its been out of stock for a while now. The ‘Resham’ henna was the only henna they used to sell but since it went out stock, they now now stock the ‘Godrej Nupur Henna’.

That Nupur henna now comes in a different packaging. Its not what i remember seeing some time back. It has 5 herbs instead of the usual 9. At least it comes in a 200g pack…the old one used to be in a 150g pack i think.

After looking around various stores, i decided to just buy the Nupur henna. It cost me KSh.315. I saw it going for ksh.320 and even KSh.340 in other stores. The Resham henna used to go for KSh.225 so yea, i wasn’t happy about that. On the bright side, the old Nupur used to cost more than KSh315.

I will do a henna treatment this coming Sunday.


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