Alberto Balsam Conditioner – wash day

Am 9 days post relaxer!

I wore my hair straight for the past week and i absolutely loved it. I liked how different i looked but its now time for another look, a curly do perhaps?

Last night, i believe it was around midnight, i decided to wash my hair (i don’t know why i get the urge to do my hair at such odd hours). Anyway, i used the ‘Enliven shampoo’ because it has sulfates…it really strips my hair of all product build up.

Enliven Shampoo (has sulfates)

Enliven Shampoo (has sulfates)

So, its only been a week since i last washed my hair but,…you know when you wet the hair before applying shampoo, i did that and the water that run through my hair was brown – dirty. Then again i have kinda been up and about more than usual this past week.

Another thing, i had to do about 4 shampoo washes before my hair could lather up. I used so much shampoo and am now running out (will buy another bottle this week)

I wasn’t in the mood to do a protein treatment then a deep conditioning treatment (as recommended 1 week after getting a relaxer). I just went ahead and used a rinse out conditioner. This time round i used the ‘Alberto Balsam – Tea tree tingle herbal conditioner‘. I had been eyeing this one for a while now and i finally bought it.

Alberto Balsam tea tree tingle conditioner

It has a minty scent that i really love. It was ok i guess but i used a lot of it (maybe i hadn’t shampooed my hair well). I expected it to make my scalp tingle but that didn’t happen…i don’t even know if thats supposed to happen. Then again this wasn’t my best wash (i washed my hair while bent over – i usually use the shower) Anyway, i’ll repeat this wash some other time and see if i get different results.

One thing thats for certain is that i will continue using the ‘Enliven conditioner’ (i think i’ll get 2 bottles of that too). I really love it. Its thicker and costs less than the Alberto Balsam one. Both are moisturizing.

Enliven Conditioner

Enliven Conditioner

Well this post is turning out to be rather long and random. It wasn’t really a review of the conditioner either as the title would seem to suggest. Yeaaaaa….am going to stop now.

Have a great week!


5 days post

Am 5 days post relaxer today!

My Mum joined the ‘Mothers Union’ last Saturday and i attended the enrollment event at church. Also, the day before yesterday (Monday) was my birthday. I wanted to wear my hair down on those two days which is why i relaxed it at 11 weeks post and not 12 weeks post. I’ll wear my hair down for the rest of the week.

Speaking of wearing my hair down, my cousin (a guy) asked me if ‘this’ was all my hair 😀 then my friend, Brian, told me that my hair is so nice it looks fake. I was like o-O He told me it was a compliment soooo yea.

One thing i have noticed now is that my hair keeps getting caught in my handbag’s straps since i usually just sling my bags over my shoulder. Its better for me to carry them in the crook of my arm now.

I have been applying some coconut oil on my scalp every other day because my scalp tends to itch during the 1st week of getting a relaxer touch up. So far so good i guess (its a little itchy…a little). As for the shedding i also experience, i’d say i have the normal amount right now. For some reason, my scalp is not ‘complaining’ this time round.

I’ve been quite lazy when it comes to moisturizing & sealing my hair. When i moisturize, i use the ORS hair lotion since my hair is straight. The other times i just use plain water.

For sealing, i have been using ‘extra virgin olive oil’ for slightly over a month now and i really like it. I feel like it makes my hair softer than coconut oil…or maybe that is all in my head. I really like it but i’ll go back to coconut oil which is a cheaper option. The only reason am not using my coconut oil is that it is in a bottle and solidified…am too lazy to melt it and transfer it to another container *cringe* Ok. I’ll do that right now 😀

In as much as am enjoying wearing my hair straight right now, i can’t wait to wash it over the weekend. I feel that it is too straight, too flowy and somewhat flat. I’ll do some pin curls tonight to give it some volume.

When i look at the first pic in this post, am shocked at the amount of products in my hair (March pic). I mentioned what was in my hair at that time here. My hair is really shiny there due to the products. You can’t quite see the shine in the May pic (used my phone to take that pic) but its there and my hair is light and flowy. I wonder why some hairdressers feel the need to use a lot of products on their client’s hair.

Anyway, thats all for now.

March relaxer vs May relaxer – 2013

Here is my March vs May comparison as requested by Lydz (Plus a little extra info)

March vs May RELAXER

I took the March pic after i got home from the salon. My hair was freshly relaxed & rollerset. It had a bunch of products in it. In the May pic i had self-relaxed & flat ironed. The only products in it were leave-in conditioner and heat protection serum. It was very light & flowy.

Straight comparison

In the above & below pics, my hair had been washed and air-dried (March 2013). The May 2013 one is recent – flat ironed hair.


My 1st self-relaxing session!

May 2013 relaxer

May 2013 relaxer

Need it to get there without me tagging at it

Need it to get there without me tagging at it

*Long post alert*


The D-day is finally here and i did it! Yep, i self-relaxed my hair at 11 weeks post. I was so excited…couldn’t wait for sunrise that i relaxed my hair in the wee hours of the morning 😀

ORS No-lye relaxer in normal strength

ORS No-lye relaxer in normal strength

Box kit

1) Shampoo 2) Conditioner 3) Wrap/set mousse 4) Moisturizer 5) Relaxer base 6) Activator 7) Gloves 8) Mixing stick 9) Instructions

I based my scalp, ears, the back of my ears and nape using ‘Vaseline’. I tried not to get any on my new growth but i still got some there. After that, i coated the already relaxed part of my hair with a mixture of castor oil and olive oil. I added some Vaseline to my ends too to further protect them. I had already parted my hair into 4 sections.

After mixing the relaxer base & activator together, i started the application step from the back. The curl pattern at the back and crown area is tighter than anywhere else on my head. I of course had on a pair of gloves. I decided to use latex gloves because they fit me better than the ones that came in the kit.

I used an applicator brush to apply the relaxer and the back of a rat-tail comb to smooth it out.

Hair stuff

I had the relaxer in my hair for longer than the recommended time because i wasn’t fast enough…and here i thought i had mastered this whole thing.

I did not experience any relaxer burns (at least not on my scalp). Some of the relaxer dropped onto my upper back (right below my based nape) and it began to burn. By then i was done relaxing my hair so i wiped it off and hoped into the shower.

I rinsed my hair for a long time then used the ORS creamy Aloe shampoo which is a neutralizer 4 times. It was my first time using it and i found it to be rather moisturizing. I did not like how it smelled though.

After that i deep conditioned without heat for about an hour and a half using a mixture of the ORS replenishing conditioner, almond oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. I love the replenishing conditioner! The citrus-y smell is ok but after a while….errr…Almond oil is rich in proteins so its perfect to use after relaxing (in my opinion). The peppermint oil made my scalp feel all fresh, minty and tingly….heavenly to say the least 🙂

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning

I detangled my hair right before rinsing off the deep conditioner. I loved how my comb glided through my hair…no tangles. I rinsed my hair in the sink because there was no way i going back to use the shower. Hoping in and out of there is not my idea of fun.

AFTER THHAAAAT…i towel blotted, applied my leave-in conditioner, let it air dry for a couple of hours then i used my blow dryer on the warm setting to fully dry it. The final step was flat ironing. I used my heat protectant prior to blow drying. The last time i flat irond my hair was January 18th…slightly over 4 months ago.

Pic on the left came out wierd - dark

Pic on the left came out wierd – reddish

With me trying to get through the relaxing session in reasonable time i couldn’t take step-by-step pics.

1) Next time i will also apply some ‘Vaseline’ to my upper back and anywhere else i deem fit. That burning sensation i experienced was something else but its all gone now and am fine.

2) I will coat my relaxed hair the same way i did and maybe even add more vaseline on top because i managed to get some relaxer on my relaxed strands…it seemed inevitable.


4) I should probably stretch my relaxers for at least 4 months because i found that i kept applying the relaxer on more than just my new growth no matter how much i tried not to. I need more new growth than what i had at 11 weeks post.

With so many people complaining about the under-processed results from using the ORS relaxer, i thought my hair would be under-processed too, but i think it took well. A little too well.

I had deep conditioner in my hair here, but you can still see how straight my hair got

I had deep conditioner in my hair here, but you can still see how straight my hair got

While rinsing the relaxer off, my hair felt so straight (i keep telling myself that thats normal). I think with me going over a bit of my relaxed hair with the relaxer, i might have straightened the texlaxed part i had in the back & crown area…not bad. And the fourth/last quadrant i relaxed (at the front) didn’t come out as straight as the other 3, it has some cute waves…i think its my favourite 😀 Am i now thinking of texlaxing???!

Pre-relaxer day prep

I will be free this coming Friday (the 17th) and so that will be my relaxer day. I will be exactly 11 weeks post. To prep my hair, i did the following last Saturday-Sunday.

1) Clarify
I decided to clarify my hair AGAIN (did that a week ago too) because i have been using gel to slick down my new growth/edges. I just wanted squeaky clean hair. I did this in 3 sections so that i would not have a repeat of last weeks horrible wash experience. It worked out great! All i did was massage the shampoo onto my scalp and then finger-comb it through the length of my hair. I HAD NO TANGLES!!! I think once i get to around 8 weeks post relaxer i will be washing my hair in sections. I used the ‘Enliven shampoo‘…it has sulfates.’

see how much texture i have back there? Lets just say i was accidentally texlaxed.

see how much texture i have back there? Lets just say i was accidentally texlaxed.

I needed my hair to be dry before proceeding to the next step. Normally i would let my hair air dry but i had a few errands to run so i used my blow dryer on the cool setting. I didn’t use the concentrater or comb attachment. I just needed the blast of cool air. As you can guess, the result was BIG frizzy hair, and i couldn’t be bothered to comb it. I fluffed it a bit and was out the door soon after. Yea, i got a few stares.

After clarifying. Hair that with that black top i had on

After clarifying. Hair colour…compare that with that black top i had on

2) Protein treatment – Egg protein

I don’t use a store bought protein treatment for my hair. 2 eggs work just fine for me and they actually do leave my hair feeling hard. I had those in my hair for maybe 30 minutes then rinsed them off with cold water ’cause using hot water means having cooked eggs in your hair – nobody wants that! My last protein treatment was back in February. I do henna treatments now so there is no use to keep doing protein treatments. I heard someone say that its not good to do a henna treatment so close to your relaxer day because the relaxer will not take (hair will be severely underprocessed)




3) Moisturizing deep conditioning treatment

I used my trusty ‘perfect cosmetics – hot oil hair cream’, coconut oil and honey. As usual, i covered my hair with a plastic bag and scarf after applying that mixture to my hair. By then it was around 7 p.m. I ended up going for shopping at ‘Nakumatt’ and yes i still had that stuff in my hair. I just wore a hoodie (went well with my jeans) so no one could tell what was going on 😀 Besides it was a cold night… but i digress, i deep conditioned till the following day.


i look like am greying

i look like am graying

4) Air drying
I air dried my hair in a bun which i took down after a few hours. I have been wearing my hair pinned up using bobby pins and thats basically how i will be wearing my hair for the rest of the week. No more tight buns or ponytails for now.

All my ORS products

Organic Root Stimulator

Organic Root Stimulator

1) Heat protection serum 2) Oil moisturizing hair lotion 3) Creamy aloe shampoo 4) Replenishing conditioner 5) Oil sheen spray 6) No-lye relaxer in normal strength