A personal reminder…

…to always do an oil prepoo.

I had the worst wash day last Sunday. I skipped the prepoo step (out of sheer laziness) then proceeded to use a sulfate shampoo. I then told myself that i was clarifying my hair, though my hair didn’t really need to be clarified.

Anyway, my hair tangled up so bad, and detangling it was a nightmare. I spent so much time in the bathroom. Am already 9 weeks post relaxer so my new growth is making its presence known. I think next time i decide to clarify i will do it in sections. Seems like a lot of work but yea.

I don’t deep condition my hair on my Sunday wash. Because of the oil prepoo step, my hair never feels stripped from using shampoo (a sulfate-free or one with sulfates) so using just a rinse out conditioner afterwards is usually enough (sometimes i skip the rinse out conditioner step because my sulfate-free shampoo says, ‘shampoo with conditioner’ and it actually does leave my hair soft). Last Sunday however, my hair was feeling rather stripped but i was in no mood to do a deep conditioning treatment.

I also kinda zoned out while working the shampoo onto my scalp (’cause massaging my scalp always feels oh-so-good) and ended up doing something similar to this:

pic from web

pic from web

Yea…piling your hair on top of your head while washing…a big NO NO (i should remember this too in future). I already knew this but…it happened.

9 weeks post relaxer

My hair has been in this bun since Sunday (i haven’t taken it down at all) and i intend to keep it that way till Wednesday night which is my deep conditioning night. I just don’t want to deal with it.

Am 9 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!


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