Pre-relaxer day prep

I will be free this coming Friday (the 17th) and so that will be my relaxer day. I will be exactly 11 weeks post. To prep my hair, i did the following last Saturday-Sunday.

1) Clarify
I decided to clarify my hair AGAIN (did that a week ago too) because i have been using gel to slick down my new growth/edges. I just wanted squeaky clean hair. I did this in 3 sections so that i would not have a repeat of last weeks horrible wash experience. It worked out great! All i did was massage the shampoo onto my scalp and then finger-comb it through the length of my hair. I HAD NO TANGLES!!! I think once i get to around 8 weeks post relaxer i will be washing my hair in sections. I used the ‘Enliven shampoo‘…it has sulfates.’

see how much texture i have back there? Lets just say i was accidentally texlaxed.

see how much texture i have back there? Lets just say i was accidentally texlaxed.

I needed my hair to be dry before proceeding to the next step. Normally i would let my hair air dry but i had a few errands to run so i used my blow dryer on the cool setting. I didn’t use the concentrater or comb attachment. I just needed the blast of cool air. As you can guess, the result was BIG frizzy hair, and i couldn’t be bothered to comb it. I fluffed it a bit and was out the door soon after. Yea, i got a few stares.

After clarifying. Hair that with that black top i had on

After clarifying. Hair colour…compare that with that black top i had on

2) Protein treatment – Egg protein

I don’t use a store bought protein treatment for my hair. 2 eggs work just fine for me and they actually do leave my hair feeling hard. I had those in my hair for maybe 30 minutes then rinsed them off with cold water ’cause using hot water means having cooked eggs in your hair – nobody wants that! My last protein treatment was back in February. I do henna treatments now so there is no use to keep doing protein treatments. I heard someone say that its not good to do a henna treatment so close to your relaxer day because the relaxer will not take (hair will be severely underprocessed)




3) Moisturizing deep conditioning treatment

I used my trusty ‘perfect cosmetics – hot oil hair cream’, coconut oil and honey. As usual, i covered my hair with a plastic bag and scarf after applying that mixture to my hair. By then it was around 7 p.m. I ended up going for shopping at ‘Nakumatt’ and yes i still had that stuff in my hair. I just wore a hoodie (went well with my jeans) so no one could tell what was going on 😀 Besides it was a cold night… but i digress, i deep conditioned till the following day.


i look like am greying

i look like am graying

4) Air drying
I air dried my hair in a bun which i took down after a few hours. I have been wearing my hair pinned up using bobby pins and thats basically how i will be wearing my hair for the rest of the week. No more tight buns or ponytails for now.


2 thoughts on “Pre-relaxer day prep

    • Lol am kinda nervous about self-relaxing but i pray get through it ok 😀

      The deep conditioner is ‘Perfect Cosmetics hot oil hair cream’ Its from the UAE. I think its more like the ‘Beautisa’ one. I believe you’ve tried that one.

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