Weekend hair update

The Nairobi Water Co. seems to be rationing water in my area (3rd world problems), so it looks like i will not be hennaing my hair this weekend after all 😦 If you’ve ever done a henna treatment, then you know that rinsing off the henna is no joke. You need A LOT of water. However, i realized that rinsing off ‘Nupur henna‘ is way easier than rinsing off the henna i was using before.

Due to this slight inconvenience, i decided to just wash my hair yesterday. I did not do an oil prepoo first like i would normally do. I only used a sulfate-free shampoo and followed up with a rinse-out conditioner (i was in no mood to deep condition).

The Shampoo & Conditioner i used

The Shampoo & Conditioner i used

This is how i wore my hair today…

June braid-out

It looked better earlier but since i hadn’t let it dry all the way, it got kinda big and a little frizzy. The curls also fell pretty quickly. Now i don’t know how am going to wear it tomorrow since i don’t want to comb it out. I might resort to bunning which is a shame seeing that my last braid out lasted me a whole week!

Click here to for a braid-out post i put up exactly 1 year ago. A lot has changed since then like…
1) I couldn’t cornrow back then. Now i can 🙂
2) My hair was shorter and so my curls/waves didn’t hang the way i wanted them too. They just stayed up there and i didn’t like that look.
3) I couldn’t really rock a braid-out style comfortably 😮
4) I didn’t like braid-outs at all (i preferred bantu knot-outs). Now i prefer braid-outs to bantu knot-outs 😀 I should try those soon btw.

Here is another braid out epic fail post from May of last year.


French roll

Am 6 weeks post relaxer today!

I’ve been rather busy lately and my hair can bare testimony to that…rocking a messy bun is ok on a weekday right? No? Anyway, am trying to figure out when to do my next monthly henna treatment. I’d thought of doing it this evening but am dead beat as it is. That leaves tomorrow or Sunday, we’ll see. Since i don’t really have a proper hair update for today, i’ll just leave you with this french roll (otherwise known as a french twist) style that i rocked a few weeks ago.

french roll

french roll/twist

What do you think?

My most recent ‘wash day’ pics

Here are a few pics from my last wash…i used a camera phone hence the quality of these photos.


I clarified my hair and let it air dry (i like deep conditioning on dry hair). Then i decided to take a nap without a scarf on (bad idea). What a frizzy mess this was!


As you can see, like to heavily coat my hair with deep conditioner 😀

I told you the bun was very boring

I told you the bun was very boring

I think it looks better from this angle

I think it looks better from this angle

I finally washed & conditioned my hair!

Am 5 weeks 3 days post relaxer today!

So, i finally washed my hair. Not on Friday like i had said i would but yesterday. I detangled it first to get rid of all the shed hair (i hadn’t combed my hair in a few days), then used the Enliven shampoo to clarify. I had to do about 4 washes before the shampoo could lather up (the result of 10 days worth build up). I later deep conditioned and air dried my hair in a bun.

Am still rocking that bun…a very boring one by the way (will post a pic later). See pics in the next post. My hair was noticeably dry, i could tell when i started to wash it. Well, at least am back on my regimen and my scalp feels so fresh and clean :D. I’ll cowash on Wednesday or Thursday.

Curly girl method for relaxed hair

I still care for my hair in more/less the same way i did when i was natural, and i still use the same products from back then. So, even though my hair is now relaxed, i still try to learn all i can from the natural haired ladies.

I’ve known about the Curly girl method (CG method) for a relatively long time now but i never thought of trying it. This method promises to give you frizz-free, split-ends-free, soft healthy curls but i figure even those with straight hair could somehow benefit from it. Lorraine Massey is the lady behind this technique and she even has a book on the same – Curly Girl: The Handbook.

curly girl

The key points in this method are:
1) Stop shampooing your hair
Most shampoos contain sulfates which strip hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and frizzy.

2) Stop using hair products that contain silicones
These are not water soluble. They coat the hair strands and one requires shampoo to remove them.

3) Stop using regular bath towels to dry your hair
These basically frizz up your hair and may cause split ends.

4) Let your hair air dry. If you need to use a blow dryer, use the diffuser attachment.

5) Use a wide tooth comb or better yet, finger-comb your hair as brushes pull apart your curls

6) Leave a lot of conditioner in your hair

7) Use a silk/satin pillowcase/headscarf to protect your hair while you sleep

8) Cut your hair while its dry

These are just general guidelines. Please note that its always good to do your own research before trying anything new…not just with haircare.

Not all ladies who follow the curly girl method are strict about it. Some use a sulfate-free/mild shampoo, others use light silicones, others use heat on their hair…they do what works for them.

Everyone has their opinion about this method. I think it would be nice to try out but i for one feel that i need my weekly shampoo washes 😀 I also think my favourite Enliven conditioner has some type of -cones in it.

If i ever decide to try the curly girl method, i’ll be sure to let you know.

I need to get back on my regimen

I haven’t washed my hair in a week, haven’t been moisturizing & sealing it, and worse, i haven’t deep conditioned it in 3 weeks! I can feel it getting drier and drier by the day but i still don’t feel like doing anything about it 😦 However, i have goals to meet so am going to do my hair tomorrow now that am feeling better.

My next ‘henna treatment day’ is coming up soon and there is no way my hair can handle that in its current state. I need to boost its almost non-existent moisture levels first. (Henna tends dry ones hair).

Am taking these henna treatments seriously because i can honestly say that i see their benefits. I don’t seem to be experiencing hair breakage despite falling off this hair journey ‘wagon’. I believe the henna is responsible for that. Its made my hair strong and resilient. Am even beginning to think its possible to retain all of your length!

Anyway, my immediate plan is to clarify my hair then do a deep conditioning treatment tomorrow, and then next week (mid-week), i will do a cowash. I think thats a good start.

What’s in my bag?

Hi guys! Its been really gloomy and rainy here in Nairobi, and i seem to be coming down with something. So…i decided not to go through with my usual Sunday wash (i just didn’t feel like walking around with wet hair as i waited for it to air dry and i didn’t have the energy to blow dry it either).

Since i don’t really have a hair update, i’ve decided to do a ‘what’s in my bag?‘ post instead. I know its quite random but i was getting ready to switch my stuff to another bag and i thought this would be a great time to do this. So here goes…

This is the bag i was carrying last week. Its a no-name brand, all white with cords and silver hardware. I think i bought it at the beginning of the year but i’ve probably used it about 5 times. I like the clean, fresh look this one gives me. And its not humongous!

Its actually whiter than this ::poor lighting::

Its actually whiter than this ::poor lighting::

Here is all the stuff i was lagging around last week. I also had some receipts, flyers, wrappers and tissues in there but i didn’t think you’d want to see that 😀

what's in my bag?

1) Snacks – Mabuyu (baobab seeds), Simsim (sesame seeds) 2) Tissues 3) Scarf 4) Game of Thrones book 5) Water 6) Makeup bag 7) USB cable, phone charger, earphones 8)mini‘ flashlight 9) random KSh.1 coin 10) Tic tac mints 11) Chewing gum 12) Flash drive 13) Lip balm 14) Hand sanitizer 15) Elastoplast/band aids 16) Keys 17) Glasses case 18) Umbrella 19) Wallet 20) Pens 21) Notebook 22) Phone 23) random Tomato sauce sachet 24) Girlie pouch 25) Coin purse

I feel like i need everything in there. Sometimes the contents change depending on where am going/what else i’ll need…but rest assured my weekend bag is a lot smaller and way lighter 😀

This post is really long so i’ll stop here.

What’s in your bag?