Timotei pure shampoo and conditioner

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Timotei Pure 2in1 shampoo & Timotei Pure conditioner

Timotei Pure 2in1 shampoo & conditioner


I decided to try out these 2 products today and AM IN LOVE!!! For those of you who don’t like silicones, parabens or colourants in your products, then you should definitely try out these two. They have a fresh, plant-like scent..kinda grass-y but not overpowering.

Parabens are chemicals commonly used in shampoos and conditioners to help preserve the other ingredients <== i learnt this today 🙂

The shampoo
I like it when the shampoo am using lathers up and this one did just that. It has sulfates but it did not strip my hair like other sulfate shampoos do. My hair still felt clean. You know how some products leave what feels like a film/coating on your strands? This one did not leave me with that feeling. If anything my hair felt clean, soft and moisturized – its a 2in1 formula. I think for me, this would be okay for my weekly washes. One more thing, the shampoo bottle is eco-friendly (they should do the same for the conditioner one).

The conditioner
I love it!!! This one has the perfect consistency. Its creamy – to me, it felt like a hair butter but it doesn’t leave that film-like coating on your strands. It is so moisturizing and a little goes a long way. I probably wouldn’t need to use this conditioner after using the 2in1 shampoo, but i think the result you get from using both products in one wash is too great to pass on. I reckon you could use the conditioner to cowash but once again, that shampoo-conditioner combo; AWESOME!!! Its like the shampoo gives you the perfect base for the conditioner wash. The scent doesn’t linger after your wash.

I found these products in my parents’ bathroom (and yes, i had to try them out), I’ve used ‘Timotei’ products before, but i think these two are the best so far (in my opinion).

These two are for normal to greasy hair. I have never thought of my hair as being greasy. If anything i think my hair has been somewhat dry of late seeing that am slacking off on my hair regimen…haven’t deep conditioned in almost 2 weeks :o. But the products still worked great for me.

Have you used them before? What was your experience?


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