I need to get back on my regimen

I haven’t washed my hair in a week, haven’t been moisturizing & sealing it, and worse, i haven’t deep conditioned it in 3 weeks! I can feel it getting drier and drier by the day but i still don’t feel like doing anything about it 😦 However, i have goals to meet so am going to do my hair tomorrow now that am feeling better.

My next ‘henna treatment day’ is coming up soon and there is no way my hair can handle that in its current state. I need to boost its almost non-existent moisture levels first. (Henna tends dry ones hair).

Am taking these henna treatments seriously because i can honestly say that i see their benefits. I don’t seem to be experiencing hair breakage despite falling off this hair journey ‘wagon’. I believe the henna is responsible for that. Its made my hair strong and resilient. Am even beginning to think its possible to retain all of your length!

Anyway, my immediate plan is to clarify my hair then do a deep conditioning treatment tomorrow, and then next week (mid-week), i will do a cowash. I think thats a good start.


1 thought on “I need to get back on my regimen

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