Curly girl method for relaxed hair

I still care for my hair in more/less the same way i did when i was natural, and i still use the same products from back then. So, even though my hair is now relaxed, i still try to learn all i can from the natural haired ladies.

I’ve known about the Curly girl method (CG method) for a relatively long time now but i never thought of trying it. This method promises to give you frizz-free, split-ends-free, soft healthy curls but i figure even those with straight hair could somehow benefit from it. Lorraine Massey is the lady behind this technique and she even has a book on the same – Curly Girl: The Handbook.

curly girl

The key points in this method are:
1) Stop shampooing your hair
Most shampoos contain sulfates which strip hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and frizzy.

2) Stop using hair products that contain silicones
These are not water soluble. They coat the hair strands and one requires shampoo to remove them.

3) Stop using regular bath towels to dry your hair
These basically frizz up your hair and may cause split ends.

4) Let your hair air dry. If you need to use a blow dryer, use the diffuser attachment.

5) Use a wide tooth comb or better yet, finger-comb your hair as brushes pull apart your curls

6) Leave a lot of conditioner in your hair

7) Use a silk/satin pillowcase/headscarf to protect your hair while you sleep

8) Cut your hair while its dry

These are just general guidelines. Please note that its always good to do your own research before trying anything new…not just with haircare.

Not all ladies who follow the curly girl method are strict about it. Some use a sulfate-free/mild shampoo, others use light silicones, others use heat on their hair…they do what works for them.

Everyone has their opinion about this method. I think it would be nice to try out but i for one feel that i need my weekly shampoo washes 😀 I also think my favourite Enliven conditioner has some type of -cones in it.

If i ever decide to try the curly girl method, i’ll be sure to let you know.


3 thoughts on “Curly girl method for relaxed hair

  1. I definitely share a similar opinion to yours…This is hard to work with around here, its not easy not to shampoo your hair (whether sulphate free or with sulphates) with all the dust we are exposed to in the dry season. And then again, we are not exposed to a wide variety of hair products here in nairobi so im sure finding a conditioner without -cones might be tricky or you might find just one like in the case with the sulphate free shampoo!

    • True, we don’t have a variety of such products and the few that are available have prices that are out of this world! I posted about the ‘Timotei conditioner’ about a week or so ago, that one has no silicones in it and its really good. Don’t know where it was bought though or how much it cost. To keep up with the Curly girl method around here, one would have to cowash their hair everyday or every other day to keep it clean.

      • I’ve seen the Timotei shampoo and conditioner at Nakumatt Lyfstyle. I think it came like two or three weeks ago and it goes for around 400 and something, but after your review I’m going to try get them both, I really just took a and put it back on the shelf!

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