I finally washed & conditioned my hair!

Am 5 weeks 3 days post relaxer today!

So, i finally washed my hair. Not on Friday like i had said i would but yesterday. I detangled it first to get rid of all the shed hair (i hadn’t combed my hair in a few days), then used the Enliven shampoo to clarify. I had to do about 4 washes before the shampoo could lather up (the result of 10 days worth build up). I later deep conditioned and air dried my hair in a bun.

Am still rocking that bun…a very boring one by the way (will post a pic later). See pics in the next post. My hair was noticeably dry, i could tell when i started to wash it. Well, at least am back on my regimen and my scalp feels so fresh and clean :D. I’ll cowash on Wednesday or Thursday.


8 thoughts on “I finally washed & conditioned my hair!

  1. Mmmh I am glad you put what to me is a mini review of this shampoo. I wanted to purchase it and went online to look for reviews and one of the complaints or cons if you may that I came across from several reviews was that it doesn’t lather up well. So I don’t think it was the build up more the shampoo itself. Doesn’t look like I will be purchasing it afterall:( I love the conditioner though the coconut and vanilla one has great slip!

    • The shampoo actually lathers well with just one wash and i only need a tiny dollop of it. However, when i go for a while without washing my hair, i find that i have to do more than one wash to get it to lather up (Check out the comment from ‘Bead blinger’ below). Its also very stripping due to the sulfates in it so i prefer to use it to clarify. I feel that it really cleans my hair. I love it and actually prefer it to the ORS creamy aloe shampoo when it comes to clarifying. The conditioner is just perfect!

  2. I was wondering how many weeks post I am this morning 🙂 I actually think enliven shampoo lathers quite well once you manage to get rid of the oil build up in your hair and to save it up a bit, one can mix with some water in another container just before washing. And goodness, my hair has been shedding like crazy since my last relaxer, Im not about to use henna and I’ve tried the tea rinse thing, any other options?

    • HA! Told you i’d keep count for you 🙂 Never thought of mixing up the shampoo with water, i like using it as it is though. I wonder why your hair is still shedding…have you switched to using different products? Do you use castor oil on your scalp? that one made me shed like crazy! Try doing doing the basics like massaging your scalp (on a regular basis) with or without an oil, try not to use hot water to wash (warm water is ok), eat healthy food and drink a lot of water, don’t style your hair tightly (don’t put tension on your scalp/follicles), keep your stress levels down and have enough sleep. Henna treatments also reduce shedding especially if there are other herbs mixed in there too (think ‘nupur’ henna). I have a post titled ‘stop shedding’ (type that in the search box, it will come up. Also type in ‘Nupur henna’). If all else fails, garlic supplements should help. I hope this helps.

  3. Hehehe,.now just remember to give me a heads up when your about to do your next relaxer. I havent used any new products on my hair recently and I stopped using castor oil when I discovered it gives me dandruff and now that my hairline is full, I dont really need it. Oh goodness, I cant deal with cleaning the bathroom after washing out henna, but I’ll try the other tips and let you know how it goes

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