My most recent ‘wash day’ pics

Here are a few pics from my last wash…i used a camera phone hence the quality of these photos.


I clarified my hair and let it air dry (i like deep conditioning on dry hair). Then i decided to take a nap without a scarf on (bad idea). What a frizzy mess this was!


As you can see, like to heavily coat my hair with deep conditioner πŸ˜€

I told you the bun was very boring

I told you the bun was very boring

I think it looks better from this angle

I think it looks better from this angle


2 thoughts on “My most recent ‘wash day’ pics

  1. HI!!! My name is Fridah i recently came across your blog while reading Sharon’s blog (ThisisEss) and i am AMAZED by your hair length and how much it’s grown my hair is sooo short that i get depressed just by thinking about it and it breaks a lot everytime i comb (i usually have a big ball on my palm) after undoing my braids.. Anyway to cut the long story short i would like it very much if you could recommend some products which i can use to give it volume and length (It;s natural now mostly in braids but just short and i;m sooo depressed ok not really… but i CRINGE when i undo it or think about it).. Please recommend some of the products you use… You have such AMAZING hair πŸ™‚ please help me out 😦 look forward to talking to you soon!!!

    • Hi Fridah, thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚ Don’t be alarmed by the ‘ball’ of hair you end up with after undoing your braids. It is normal to shed up to 100-150 hair strands a day. So when your hair is in braids, it still sheds, but since you are not removing it (the shed hair) by combing, that shed hair accumulates and stays locked-in in the braids till you undo them. Thats basically the ball of hair you are describing…its ok.
      I have included a tab at the top of my homepage (actually its at the top of any page you click on) titled ‘tips to start your hair journey’. There you will find tips on how to nurse your hair back to health, and in the process grow it to great lengths. Thats just a general overview so if you have any more questions, just let me know.

      And regarding the hair products i use, there is also a tab up there titled ‘my hair products’. However, please note that products don’t grow hair (or at least the ones i use don’t grow my hair). Products help you maintain healthy hair. My hair grows at the average rate of 1/4 to 1/2 an inch a month. You simply have to look for products that work well for your hair because everyone’s hair is different. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on hair products.

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