Where i’ve been – updates

Its been weeks since my last post. My life has gotten a little hectic seeing that am the new girl at the office and am stuck there from 8 – 6, save for my lunch break. By the time I get home am dead beat. This has resulted in me being inconsistent with my hair regimen. Also, the fact that the Nairobi Water Co. is still rationing water in my area has not helped either. It just makes me not want to wash my hair, period.

I still wash my hair twice a week. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays (or Fridays). However, I have not been deep conditioning or pre-pooing my hair. I was due for a henna treatment this past weekend but that didn’t get done.

As you can guess, my hair is not at its best right now. I can tell that its getting drier and drier as the days go by. I also think this cold – dry weather we have been experiencing here in Nairobi is to blame. I still moisturize and seal my hair everyday but that is not enough.

I’ve somewhat adjusted to my new life schedule so now am trying to get my hair back on track. I’ll make a slight change in my hair care routine to help me do this


I straightened my hair!

Am 8 weeks post relaxer today!

My hair today

My hair today

I had the urge to straighten my hair so i went ahead and did that last Monday. It had been about 7 weeks and a few days since my last heat-pass. I normally wouldn’t use heat on my hair that soon but i just wanted to wear my hair down and straight for a while.

For my wash, i used a sulfate-free shampoo and followed up with a rinse out conditioner. I did not deep condition.

sulfate-free shampoo

sulfate-free shampoo



I applied my products then blew out my hair on the warm setting on my blow dryer before flat ironing.

leave-in conditioner

heat protectant

heat protectant

Flat ironing took me a whole hour (felt like forever!). I attempted to curl the front section to kind of create a backward flip-like look but that didn’t really work out and i ended up using more heat there to straighten it back 😦

I have been moisturizing & sealing my hair nightly using these two products


coconut oil

(okay i skipped last night. I was too tired plus my hair is a little greasy #excuses).

Even though the weather has warmed up, my coconut oil is still solidified. I transferred some of it into this little jar so its easier to get to.

coconut oil


Hair Of The Day

Hair Of The Day

Henna time!

Am 7 weeks post relaxer today!

By the way, my braid-out…it didn’t make it to day 2. I ended up putting my hair up in a bun. This bun…

Sock bun

Sock bun

Anyway, I finally got a chance to henna my hair last evening . I wasn’t really up to it but i knew that if i didn’t do it then, i wouldn’t do it anytime soon. My last henna treatment was about 5 weeks ago.

As usual, i did an oil prepoo using coconut oil for a few hours as i waited for my henna paste to set

Nupur Henna

Coconut oil

This was the consistency of the paste. Not too thin, not too thick.

The perfect consistency for me

The perfect consistency for me

If your paste is too thin/runny, the application process is going to be very messy because you’ll have henna dripping all over the place. If its too thick on the other hand, you will have trouble getting it throughout your hair. You will feel as if your hair is not properly coated. Your hair will just clump together.

Am not always able to mix it like this so am glad it came out perfectly. I was actually cooking…waiting for some rice to cook and i thought why not go henna my hair quickly then get back. And thats what i did. I just put on my gloves and hennaed my hair 😀

I rinsed off the henna 6 hours later (i think). By then, it was past midnight – I was catching up on some new T.V series (Graceland, Under the dome, Twisted, Crossing lines, Ray Donovan – Anyone else watching these?) I then proceeded with the deep conditioning step and fell asleep soon after.

When i woke up, i just rinsed off the deep conditioner, applied my products and styled my hair.

My bun: how i did it

A couple of weeks ago i posted a picture pictures of this bun


Nicole from Charms, Sequins and Beyond then asked me to show how i did it. Honestly, i teased my hair. I know thats damaging so i really wouldn’t recommend it. But here’s a healthier way to achieve a similar bun.




Don’t make the ponytail too tight though





I used bobby pins

I used bobby pins

And that’s it. If you are interested in how i achieved the original bun by teasing, this is how i did it



all teased

I then proceeded with steps 4 through 8

My textured hair/bun wasn’t all smooth and shiny like i wanted it (mostly due to the teasing) so i did this next step…its optional, i didn’t do it last time



Check out more pics of My old bun here

Clarifying your hair

Clarifying basically means getting rid of all the build up in your hair. This could be from hair products and/or mineral deposits. It is also stripping hair of its natural oils.

To do this, you use a clarifying shampoo. Some people prefer using natural products like baking soda or ayurvedic powders to clarify. Your choice.

Clarifying shampoos have sodium laureth sulfate listed as one of the ingredients. They are usually a clear liquid and tend to leave the hair feeling dry and rough to the touch. (Rough because they are very alkaline/have very high pH which opens the hair cuticle) They are harsh on hair and as such should not be used frequently. Once a month is enough for most people (but swimmers that are in the pool everyday may need to clarify more often). Make sure you follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. If you like to shampoo your hair weekly, i would suggest using a sulfate-free shampoo which is milder.

You know you need to clarify your hair if your hair feels weighed down, you have been applying products to your hair daily/every other day (e.g moisturizing & sealing, hairspray), your hair products contain silicone-based ingredients or heavy oils, you are a swimmer or if you hang around the beach a lot, if you have gone for a while without clarifying or if find that your hair products are not working anymore.

Build up coats the hair strand preventing anything from penetrating it (this is when you find that your favourite products don’t seem to ‘work’ anymore – the shampoo might not lather properly, and your hair might feel weighed down after deep conditioning or just a regular wash. The problem is simply product build-up.). No matter what you do, your hair appears dull and even breaks off because its not getting the nourishment and conditioning it needs. A clarifying wash can help remove those deposits and give your hair a fresh start…and restore natural shine to it.

For those with coloured hair, please note that clarifying often will cause your hair color to fade faster. Once a month is okay but do not clarify your hair within the first few weeks of getting a fresh color.

The goal of a clarifying shampoo is to help prepare the hair to better receive moisture and all the benefits of natural oils and protein treatments. This consequently restores shine, bounce and the general good health of your hair.