Henna time!

Am 7 weeks post relaxer today!

By the way, my braid-out…it didn’t make it to day 2. I ended up putting my hair up in a bun. This bun…

Sock bun

Sock bun

Anyway, I finally got a chance to henna my hair last evening . I wasn’t really up to it but i knew that if i didn’t do it then, i wouldn’t do it anytime soon. My last henna treatment was about 5 weeks ago.

As usual, i did an oil prepoo using coconut oil for a few hours as i waited for my henna paste to set

Nupur Henna

Coconut oil

This was the consistency of the paste. Not too thin, not too thick.

The perfect consistency for me

The perfect consistency for me

If your paste is too thin/runny, the application process is going to be very messy because you’ll have henna dripping all over the place. If its too thick on the other hand, you will have trouble getting it throughout your hair. You will feel as if your hair is not properly coated. Your hair will just clump together.

Am not always able to mix it like this so am glad it came out perfectly. I was actually cooking…waiting for some rice to cook and i thought why not go henna my hair quickly then get back. And thats what i did. I just put on my gloves and hennaed my hair 😀

I rinsed off the henna 6 hours later (i think). By then, it was past midnight – I was catching up on some new T.V series (Graceland, Under the dome, Twisted, Crossing lines, Ray Donovan – Anyone else watching these?) I then proceeded with the deep conditioning step and fell asleep soon after.

When i woke up, i just rinsed off the deep conditioner, applied my products and styled my hair.


5 thoughts on “Henna time!

    • Hi Brenda, i haven’t braided my hair since 2010 and i believe that helped a lot. If you usually get braids, i would suggest laying off them for a while. If you decide to get them, make sure the little hairs on your hairline are not pulled tightly. Just try and avoid any style that causes tension on your scalp/hair follicles.

      You can also stop braiding this area of your hair while you braid the rest of your hair. Gel it down instead. You can do the same when getting a perm/relaxer, avoid putting the chemical there and slick it down using an alcohol-free gel instead.

      Get some pure castor oil (from supermarkets or chemists) and mix it with another oil like coconut oil or olive oil or any other natural oil of your choice. (castor oil is very thick so this will thin it and make it easier to use). Apply that on your hairline daily (also do gentle scalp massages) and be patient as your hairline grows back. Castor oil is known to thicken the hair. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil if you like. This oil is very strong so only a few drops of it are needed. This one will make your scalp tingle which is basically stimulating the hair follicles. This promotes hair growth.

      I would like to point out that i no longer use castor oil on my scalp. It made my hair shed a lot. However most ladies use it with no problem.

      I wish you the best. Keep me posted 🙂

  1. Hi.. recently found your blog and i love it,, i’ve wanted a kenyan guru to look upto for so long but my hair is natural.. but i just wanted to ask,, will doing henna hair treatments cause my hair to lighten in colour??

    • Hi namesake 🙂 I don’t think of myself as a guru but thanks lol! The way i see it, hair is hair whether natural, texlaxed or relaxed. I still do pretty much the same things i did when my hair was natural (in terms of maintenance). I also use the same products i used back then.

      About henna, it will not lighten your hair colour. If your hair is black, the henna will give it a slight red-brown tint. If you have white/gray hairs, those will turn coppery orange.

      I hope this helps. I have a post with before and after pictures of my first henna treatment on natural hair. Check it out here


      • We’re namesakes? cool!! 😀

        Yup that’s true.. i literally went bald with relaxer so i just figured i would go natural and I’ve noticed the steps really are basically the same either way 🙂

        Thanks for all the info!! I will definitely be trying this soon..
        God Bless you!

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