I straightened my hair!

Am 8 weeks post relaxer today!

My hair today

My hair today

I had the urge to straighten my hair so i went ahead and did that last Monday. It had been about 7 weeks and a few days since my last heat-pass. I normally wouldn’t use heat on my hair that soon but i just wanted to wear my hair down and straight for a while.

For my wash, i used a sulfate-free shampoo and followed up with a rinse out conditioner. I did not deep condition.

sulfate-free shampoo

sulfate-free shampoo



I applied my products then blew out my hair on the warm setting on my blow dryer before flat ironing.

leave-in conditioner

heat protectant

heat protectant

Flat ironing took me a whole hour (felt like forever!). I attempted to curl the front section to kind of create a backward flip-like look but that didn’t really work out and i ended up using more heat there to straighten it back 😦

I have been moisturizing & sealing my hair nightly using these two products


coconut oil

(okay i skipped last night. I was too tired plus my hair is a little greasy #excuses).

Even though the weather has warmed up, my coconut oil is still solidified. I transferred some of it into this little jar so its easier to get to.

coconut oil


Hair Of The Day

Hair Of The Day


5 thoughts on “I straightened my hair!

  1. I love your hair! My coconut oil also solidified and I thought it was weird until I read your post. Now I know what to do instead of struggling every morning to get the oil out of the bottle. I usually use the same to seal my hair. I’m currently at 10 weeks post!

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