Where i’ve been – updates

Its been weeks since my last post. My life has gotten a little hectic seeing that am the new girl at the office and am stuck there from 8 – 6, save for my lunch break. By the time I get home am dead beat. This has resulted in me being inconsistent with my hair regimen. Also, the fact that the Nairobi Water Co. is still rationing water in my area has not helped either. It just makes me not want to wash my hair, period.

I still wash my hair twice a week. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays (or Fridays). However, I have not been deep conditioning or pre-pooing my hair. I was due for a henna treatment this past weekend but that didn’t get done.

As you can guess, my hair is not at its best right now. I can tell that its getting drier and drier as the days go by. I also think this cold – dry weather we have been experiencing here in Nairobi is to blame. I still moisturize and seal my hair everyday but that is not enough.

I’ve somewhat adjusted to my new life schedule so now am trying to get my hair back on track. I’ll make a slight change in my hair care routine to help me do this


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