Getting back on track

Last night after cowashing my hair with the suave conditioner, I decided to also do a deep conditioning treatment. I hadn’t planned on doing it but am glad I did because, apparently, I hadn’t deep conditioned my hair in 7 weeks and 5 days! 2 months almost. And am on a hair journey *smh* oh well, it happens.

My next wash will be this coming weekend. I will do a protein treatment in preparation for my upcoming relaxer day on the 6th of next month.

I can’t wait!


Suave conditioner

Wild cherry blossom

Wild cherry blossom

I couldn’t help myself, I had to have it 😀

I’ve used this product four times so far. I used it along with shampoo on two separate wash days and also to cowash on two other separate wash days.

The first two times I used it, I felt that it was so-so…it was okay. Nothing exciting to write about but that was because I had used very little product.

The last two times (last Saturday and last night), I used a little more product (palm-size amount) and I really enjoyed both washes.

I have to tell you about the slip! This conditioner has great slip. My comb just gilded through my conditioner laden hair…keep in mind that am a little over 14 weeks post relaxer. And my new growth felt so soft and really nice. I would definitely repurchase this one. It smells good too so that’s a bonus. And it comes in a family size bottle!

I’ll have to revisit the daily clarifying suave conditioner to see which one I like better.

Cleaning out my stash

I decided to go through my stash last weekend before making any new purchases and these are all the ’empties’ I found.

almost empty

I prefer repurchasing products before I actually run out to avoid any inconveniences. The problem with that is, I always end up using the new products and stashing away the almost empty jars/bottles of products.

Anyway, I melted the coconut oil and poured it into a tiny jar and applicator bottle.

coconut oil empties

coconut oil2

The full bottle of coconut oil is the one I showed you in my June haul. Most Kenyans will recognize that yellow bottle 🙂 I just didn’t see the point of buying an applicator bottle (KSh.200+) while i could very well re-use this one.

I decided to empty the deep conditioners and amla oil into another little jar.

deep conditioning treatment

I plan to use these conditioners for cowashes.


I can’t believe I had all this junk laying around my room gathering dust!



Am I some kind of hoarder?!

Week 14

Am 14 weeks post relaxer today!

2 more weeks to my relaxer day and am more than ready for that 🙂

Last Friday (or Saturday, i can’t remember), i decided to clarify my hair using a sulfate shampoo because its been a while since i last did that. I only did one wash which was good enough. I then decided to follow up with suave shampoo which is also contains sulfates but is milder. For real my hair felt softer/better after that wash. I finally did one wash using the suave conditioner. Yes, i bought the conditioner. Told you i would 😀 A post about that wash day will be up soon.

suave conditioner

products i used

products i used

Since i haven’t deep conditioned my hair of late in the past month or so, i decided to add moisture to my hair by doing cowashes. So i cowashed my hair on Monday and Wednesday. My hair feels moisturized for the most part but it still needs a deep treatment.

I’ve been wearing my hair in a mid-high ponytail all week and i really enjoyed having it like that, but next week, i’ll go back to bunning (i want longer hair so i gotta protect those ends).

Have a great weekend!

New in!


Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner

The ingredients…click on the image to enlarge


I saw the Suave shampoos and conditioners in the supermarket a few weeks ago but decided not to buy them because I still have unused bottles of shampoo and conditioner. However, yesterday I felt like they were calling out my name as I walked past them in the hair products’ aisle. So yea, I bought them. On impulse. *cringe* Anyway, i used them last night and here is MY review on both of them (even though I just used them once. If my feelings towards them changes in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know :))

The Shampoo

Suave shampoo

I.LOVE.THIS!!! I picked up the Ocean Breeze shampoo. It contains sulfates but it did not leave my hair feeling completely striped. Don’t get me wrong, my hair got clean after one wash. But you know me…i gotta do a second wash just for kicks. I only needed a tiny dollop which lathered up really well. I didn’t have any build up to begin with though, seeing that i used a sulfate-free shampoo to wash my hair 4 days ago. This product felt more like a moisturizing shampoo to me. I could definitely use it weekly (even though it contains sulfates). I will definitely repurchase it.

Side note: I have been purposely avoiding using a sulfate shampoo to clarify my hair because that just gets my hair all tangled up, and right now at 12 weeks post relaxer, my new growth is getting a little challenging to deal with, so tangled and matted hair is the last thing I need. HOWEVER, this Suave shampoo didn’t give me any issues so its a keeper!

The Daily Clarifying Conditioner

Suave conditioner

This one I liked. Note how it says clarifying? I thought it would be perfect for me because for some reason, my hair gets really dirty these days. Maybe we need some rainfall so that the dust settles. But I digress, i like that its a clarifying product which I can use daily if I choose to, to cowash my hair.

This product is oil-free which makes it very light on the hair. Its not runny…definitely not runny. Its kind of thick but not really (if that makes any sense). Despite it being light, you really don’t need to use a lot of it. One wash and you’re good. I think it would be great for those with fine hair that tends to get weighed down by regular products.

The reason I say that I like this conditioner (instead of love) is that I love thick, creamy conditioners. That’s all. I would also repurchase this product. Its worth it. It gets the job done. Its labelled to be 2X more moisturizing.

There were also regular conditioners by Suave Naturals available but I did not buy any of them. Like I said, the above two products were bought on impulse (KSh.325 each. Great for a family size 665ml bottle!), plus i still have unused conditioner…i’ve got to practice some restraint…NOT. Am going back for the conditioner. I need to try it out 😀 Review coming soon!

Oh, and bonus points for eco friendly bottles!

12 weeks post relaxer

Hi all 😀 hope you’re all having a lovely Monday. Am back from yet another hiatus. No excuses lets get into some hair talk…my hair.

I mentioned not so long ago that I’ve sort of gone off track with regards to my hair regimen. This is want it used to be…what I’d like to get back to:

Daily/Every other day
*Moisturize and seal

Oil prepoo > shampoo wash (sulfate-free) > conditioner wash (optional)

Deep conditioning treatment (on dry hair for at least 2 hrs then rinse it out and proceed with styling)

*Clarify > protein treatment
*Henna treatment

This is what it is now:

*Moisturize & seal

Mondays & Thursdays
*Wash using sulfate-free shampoo
*Follow up with rinse out conditioner

That is basically all I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, or so. Didn’t get to wash it this morning though. Woke up a whole hour late!

Anyway, i wanted to start cowashing instead of doing shampoo washes but since I now use gel daily to slick down my buns, I need my shampoos.

Speaking of buns, that’s all I do during the weekdays. I prefer low buns for work. Am lazy like that when it comes to styling so yea…that works for me. I try to wear them loose sometimes.

For the weekends, I do braid outs. I haven’t mastered the courage to wear this style to the office. I don’t see see that happening anytime soon either 😮

I only comb my hair on wash days (twice a week). I used to do random length-checks all the time while combing my hair but now, that doesn’t happen. I like to think that my hair has gotten significantly longer over the past month (I know, its all in my head :D)

Look what i found!

ORS relaxer

Well, i didn’t just find them. I saw them in town sometime this week while in the supermarket. I haven’t seen any of the ‘new’ ORS products anywhere else…i haven’t been looking really. These particular kits come with free ‘ORS edge control’.

Clearly the pricing is all wrong, at least for one of them it is (KSh.890 or KSh.790???). Why is it that high anyway? The last time i bought the ORS relaxer (last May) it only cost KSh.600!