12 weeks post relaxer

Hi all šŸ˜€ hope you’re all having a lovely Monday. Am back from yet another hiatus. No excuses lets get into some hair talk…my hair.

I mentioned not so long ago that I’ve sort of gone off track with regards to my hair regimen. This is want it used to be…what I’d like to get back to:

Daily/Every other day
*Moisturize and seal

Oil prepoo > shampoo wash (sulfate-free) > conditioner wash (optional)

Deep conditioning treatment (on dry hair for at least 2 hrs then rinse it out and proceed with styling)

*Clarify > protein treatment
*Henna treatment

This is what it is now:

*Moisturize & seal

Mondays & Thursdays
*Wash using sulfate-free shampoo
*Follow up with rinse out conditioner

That is basically all I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, or so. Didn’t get to wash it this morning though. Woke up a whole hour late!

Anyway, i wanted to start cowashing instead of doing shampoo washes but since I now use gel daily to slick down my buns, I need my shampoos.

Speaking of buns, that’s all I do during the weekdays. I prefer low buns for work. Am lazy like that when it comes to styling so yea…that works for me. I try to wear them loose sometimes.

For the weekends, I do braid outs. I haven’t mastered the courage to wear this style to the office. I don’t see see that happening anytime soon either šŸ˜®

I only comb my hair on wash days (twice a week). I used to do random length-checks all the time while combing my hair but now, that doesn’t happen. I like to think that my hair has gotten significantly longer over the past month (I know, its all in my head :D)


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