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Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner

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I saw the Suave shampoos and conditioners in the supermarket a few weeks ago but decided not to buy them because I still have unused bottles of shampoo and conditioner. However, yesterday I felt like they were calling out my name as I walked past them in the hair products’ aisle. So yea, I bought them. On impulse. *cringe* Anyway, i used them last night and here is MY review on both of them (even though I just used them once. If my feelings towards them changes in the future, I’ll be sure to let you know :))

The Shampoo

Suave shampoo

I.LOVE.THIS!!! I picked up the Ocean Breeze shampoo. It contains sulfates but it did not leave my hair feeling completely striped. Don’t get me wrong, my hair got clean after one wash. But you know me…i gotta do a second wash just for kicks. I only needed a tiny dollop which lathered up really well. I didn’t have any build up to begin with though, seeing that i used a sulfate-free shampoo to wash my hair 4 days ago. This product felt more like a moisturizing shampoo to me. I could definitely use it weekly (even though it contains sulfates). I will definitely repurchase it.

Side note: I have been purposely avoiding using a sulfate shampoo to clarify my hair because that just gets my hair all tangled up, and right now at 12 weeks post relaxer, my new growth is getting a little challenging to deal with, so tangled and matted hair is the last thing I need. HOWEVER, this Suave shampoo didn’t give me any issues so its a keeper!

The Daily Clarifying Conditioner

Suave conditioner

This one I liked. Note how it says clarifying? I thought it would be perfect for me because for some reason, my hair gets really dirty these days. Maybe we need some rainfall so that the dust settles. But I digress, i like that its a clarifying product which I can use daily if I choose to, to cowash my hair.

This product is oil-free which makes it very light on the hair. Its not runny…definitely not runny. Its kind of thick but not really (if that makes any sense). Despite it being light, you really don’t need to use a lot of it. One wash and you’re good. I think it would be great for those with fine hair that tends to get weighed down by regular products.

The reason I say that I like this conditioner (instead of love) is that I love thick, creamy conditioners. That’s all. I would also repurchase this product. Its worth it. It gets the job done. Its labelled to be 2X more moisturizing.

There were also regular conditioners by Suave Naturals available but I did not buy any of them. Like I said, the above two products were bought on impulse (KSh.325 each. Great for a family size 665ml bottle!), plus i still have unused conditioner…i’ve got to practice some restraint…NOT. Am going back for the conditioner. I need to try it out 😀 Review coming soon!

Oh, and bonus points for eco friendly bottles!


6 thoughts on “New in!

  1. Hey…On a totally unrelated question…I was wondering what dc treatment you use on your hair after henna-ing?I’ve read and heard I have to use a moisturizing one since if I use a protein based my hair will just be drier because too much protein?
    This is one thing that makes me not henna my hair…Help:-)

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